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I'm Jeff Gable It's one 48 Traffic and weather on the 8s married to pampa in the WTO traffic center Well mark the fire chuck left on the Woodrow Wilson bridge but we've still got a delay inter loop out of oxen hill getting to the bridge and crossing in the through lanes where only a single left lane is getting by the crash cleanup Take the local lanes Now mid span becomes a breakaway point We'll continue on the Maryland side south two ten off the beltway toward Kirby hill Livingston stay right That is a work zone Northbound on the Baltimore Washington Parkway first reported a crash near NASA Goddard maybe only a single lane getting by 95 beltway about what you're doing fine Checking on I 70 slows out of south mountain eastbound toward myersville stay left to get by that work zone Both sides of the beltway toward 66 interchange right side and transition lane blocked at the interchange of 66 And if you're heading westbound a single left lane on the outer loop single left lane gets by the work both sides of 66 at one 23 there's work if you're heading west right lane heading eased its in the left lane and E 66 past 28 Centreville work there was also blocking along the right side Ready to serve with honor the Montgomery county police are hiring for an August police academy benefits include permanent shifts four day workweek and a higher starting salary apply at join MCP dot com Mary de pump at WTO P traffic Mike stennis with our forecast Our skies will raise in part to cloudy to mostly cloudy this afternoon as our rather gloomy weather pattern continues and there could be some patchy.

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