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Games in giants history with Marty on KNBR six eighty the support this is Marty Lori with another great game in Giants franchise history we're gonna go back to August sixteenth of twenty fifteen it's eighteen T. park it's a day game is a Sunday forty one thousand nine hundred for there to see a match up of Madison Bumgarner on the hill for the giants a lefty and Joe Ross a right hander for the Washington nationals now this is the fourth game of a four game series in the first game Vogelsong over Strasbourg the giants won a three to one the second game asphalt over shares giants win an eight to five and the third game Peavey over geo Gonzalez the giants win a twelve to six so here we are in Sunday Madison Bumgarner beautiful day in eighteen T. park against the Washington nationals as the giants go for the sweep here the lineups today Taylor render own Bryce Harper Escobar Zimmerman Desmond worth Rameau's and Joe Ross for the giants in twenty fifteen think back to these names blogroll Duffy belt Posey pants Crawford Justin Maxwell Kelby Tomlinson and Madison Bumgarner why some of those guys in the prime of their careers all right Washington as ME hits the first for only a walk to Jason Morris Mars the perfect performance so far of Madison Bumgarner and the giants forth a breakthrough block gets a base hit Duffy flies at the centre Posey grounds out to third and hunter pence comes up and knocks one over the wall in left field and the giants are up to nothing Homer number eight for hunter pence next hitters Brandon Crawford and hits the ball to the top of the wall in right field and we've heard that noise before they called a home run replays then invoked and they up held the call the empire it is a home run Crawford had said and the giants are up now three to nothing well in a giant fifth Tomlinson gets a basic Bumgarner gets a double in an R. B. I. the giants are now up for nothing that's been built go out and that is the end of the fifth inning Washington with only one hit as we move into the seventh inning Bumgarner now faces Casey Jansen and he hits one out from broader hits on.

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