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That there would be all of these players who would try to market tests of dubious quality. And market them in such a way that it would potentially mislead the public and potentially be super inaccurate. That's what happened in telluride Colorado Jackson. Hole Wyoming Aspen places that bought up thousands of antibody tests for manufacturers in China hoping to get information that might reassure visitors, and maybe even help them open for the winter, but then they had to abandon the. The tests because the results were so unreliable, not to mention. Even if you do get a positive test result, there's currently no evidence that having antibodies actually makes you safe from getting reinfected. Yeah, and that is the case of tests that were developed in the most rigorous way then there's this whole other category of tests that were developed with maybe less rigor. That finger prick test. You took at the SPA. It was created by a company called Ray Biotech I. I went to their website. It looks Super Legit, but yeah. I mean anecdotally I wasn't. I didn't feel certain at this was the most reliable diagnostic coulda gotten dwayne Mariner who was administering test was clear that the results should not be taken as a guarantee I. It's like I said it's not for definitive evidence. It is merely a marker in merry gives you maybe peace of mind to not sit. Sit around your house with a mask on the test cost me one hundred and fifty dollars, which you know is not nothing in most of the experts I talked to stress that unless you're getting tests done in a very high quality, rigorous clinical laboratory setting. You probably can't place too much stock in the results I mean. Do you worry kind of about giving people to task in a they see that they have a positive and then maybe they're going to go act more more irresponsibly like. Concern for you in terms of giving people may be too much peace of mind Yes, and no, that's why I do stress that you should follow these guidelines on this is not a replacement for safety and health. Recently, the FDA has upended standards a bit for WHO's allowed to sell these antibody tests, but they're still letting tests be sold without the normal potentially months-long vetting process that you would normally have for something like this, which means that a lot of people are potentially getting data that. Might be helpful or really might not only looks like your tests done. You Sir. Do not have any antibodies. So what does that mean? You probably have been exposed and you probably haven't been sick in the last three or four months. All right so I. Have to be extra careful, then it would be wise, extra careful. End of the day I think. I'M GONNA keep wearing my mask i. think that's a good move. This episode. The indicator was produced by Dario Rafi on and back checked by Britney. Cronin edited by Paddy Hirsch and the indicator is a production of NPR. It feels like nothing in the news. These days makes any sense, so Hassan Hodge turned to his father and his faith for answers he's don't worry about the number of questions. Just worry about which questions become more clear and solidified comedian. Hasan bin Hajj on how his spirituality is getting him through. Listen and subscribe to. It's been a minute from NPR..

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