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There's so many documentaries that was produced on Rosedale queens it was so bad that if a white family sold their house to an African American family where that white family moved to would be bombed as well as the house that was sold Dr David Ireland recalls growing up in a racially tense culture on focus on the family that that kind of Peck was established in some of the more visceral kinds of white said that perspective so it was very very tenuous in terms of the environment but I ideally looking back at my heart didn't get jumped up and I'm thankful to both my parents and to god for preserving the because prejudice I always say prejudices everyone's problem reconciliation must become everyone's responsibility you can reach across the cultural divide more from doctor Ireland at family minute dot org now one time traffic news and weather on the pay to a misstep near Ann Arbor has cleared out we are picking up speed on M. fourteen westbound between the two U. S. twenty three interchanges there's roadworks or the drive on M. ten the lodge freeway southbound traffic is slow from the Davis and down the west grand Boulevard heavy and slow on I seventy five southbound from six thirty six down to the I ninety four interchange checking the forecast intervals of clouds and sun today with a high of thirty partly cloudy tonight low eighteen some peaks of sunshine tomorrow with a high in the low thirties right now it's mostly sunny and twenty degrees from the town hall dot com newsroom Detroit police are on the hunt for two suspects who eluded them during a high speed chase on the city's west side.

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