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But you don't no colour i'm sorry i'm sorry i know you're hit your way on all your patient you want to talk about jay cutler no half that we're not played jay cutler used that now no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no so one three five seven two four six ten that's a double board we got to cody a new kenny cody what's going on well the going in man romo favor i'm on down for yeah room whether user yeah man whatever it takes here it gave a okay where did really like when i from wayne for okay yeah he did you don't need to get a day that out a little what the hell with the help of the cap i mean why why during well you get really jj watt well you're the best defense bernie nfl but there were times i don't talk about trading jj watt which is what's is like we're trying to crazy but now are talking about a guy yeah just got to do a lot for for ryan tomorrow that's crazy uncle crazy about romo favorite this that's part of that season bigger golf we we we went to be playing some hungry eyes here with our carmen i i cody appreciate the phone call but you're you're you're again love the crazy everyone getting all rousing aaron and and and they're not think it's right now not they can straight i want to know how many people that are they are getting the romo fever in the city if you how many of them like two years ago set tony romo socks is a joker he jokes all the time tony romo's never going to win anything i wanna know how many romo haters are john brown the romo bandwagon after the news today romo haters text text into the show if you're on the romo bandwagon now and you hated romo two years ago so i just wanna know how many people.

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