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Yes, Jim sad news, indeed, Mimi Parker dead at the age of 55, died November 5th of ovarian cancer, I got word of this while I was traveling and I got to tell you, it hit me so hard. I go, man, why am I so emotional about this? My wife noticed it too, and I was just one of those things where you feel like you know a person. Somebody had said to me, it was like losing a member of family member. And I was like, you feel close to a person, even though you may not necessarily know them that well. But you know them through their music and it felt that intimate that you felt that loss in a different way than you would with a normal celebrity type of death. Well, and we had had the pleasure of talking with Mimi and Alan sparhawk, her husband. Several times on sound opinions, going back to our commercial radio days. Right, this band has been around since the mid 90s. You know, Mimi is a mom, a wife, and a quiet powerhouse of musical creativity. They formed Duluth Minnesota of all places in 1993. It was Alan sparhawk and Mimi Parker. Who had been a couple for a number of years already. The famed producer Kramer dubbed them slow core. They were at a time of grunge overkill. Here was the band was the exact opposite of that, playing as quietly as possible. When audiences would get restless and get louder, they would play quieter. Yeah, it was almost like a provocation in reverse. Continuing a tradition that began with galaxy 500, which began with the Velvet Underground's third album. And the thing is that could have been a one trick pony kind of deal a couple albums and then they quit. But they kept expanding their sound. They found more ways to express themselves within the template that they had originally created. It was basically Mimi and Allen. And a rotating cast of bases, but it was a sound that was minimal, minimalist music, at its finest, really melodic, a beautiful sounding, but at the same time starting to incorporate elements of noise and a more expansive approach to the arrangements. And they were beloved. I mean, their music that little Christmas EP they put out, we just did an interview with one of the founders of cranky records and they started putting out records with cranky a Chicago based label. That little Christmas EP they did. It exploded. It got picked up in a TV commercial and suddenly people were finding out about this little band from Duluth Minnesota. Robert Plant was a huge fan. He covered their songs. Covered them the other night in tribute to Mimi. He covered the great destroyer silver rider. Mimi, you as a drummer, I know appreciated her. She was standing up at mo Tucker style of The Velvet Underground, really minimal kit. Now let me see if I got this right, Jim. From what I could tell, a snare drum, a single symbol. And a floor time. And if she really. Turned on its side. Right. And if she really went crazy, she had a tambourine. I mean, she was selling out, man. I can't have all that stuff on it. But the vocals as well, Greg. What a beautiful singer, right? What a voice. You know, the thing about Mimi is that every time she came in, she was saying a lot of harmony vocals. When she would come in with Alan, it immediately lifted the song to another level. But then she'd take the lead once in a while and just break your heart, how beautiful it sounded. The one song I want to play, people are saying, what song? From low, should I start with or what album? I would start with just make it stop from the invisible way record. They are actually recorded that with Jeff tweedy in 2013. And there's a part where all the instrumentation drops out and Mimi's voice basically holds is center stage. And she didn't necessarily like that. She was by nature as a kind of a shy person and played more of a background role. But when she stepped to the front, the resolve in her voice is just so amazing on this song. And I just love it to death. It is Mimi Parker with just make it stop from Lowe's the invisible way album on sound opinions.

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