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To arenas left will be the four seasons heating, air conditioning and plumbing faceoff for all the right reasons. Four seasons. Bonino on draws a little over fifty one percent wins this one to the end boards Roman. You'll see their Swiss-born defenseman put the puck away to the right boards the Ellis to Austin Watson had you'll see through center ice over the hawk line feted on the left wing. But he no he shoots that's in. And out of the global Delia scramble at the top of the crease. Delia kick it out of there to Patrick Kane. He'll race up the right wing to center ice hands. He had an Isam off over the predator. Told Rex Watson tried to get to the net could not drawn got it back to Anisimov behind the predator net. The cane now dropping at the right point to Keith with the drive on Rene. Download the butterfly save. Good screen in front by an diesel got the puck right corner. Spins it around behind the predator net up the near boards, and then Cain. Shoves it back to the point. Nobody there the puck drift down ice into the hawk zone. Keith has it between the circles the hawks reorganize, right? Little toe. Drag thereby Dylan, Stroman, it just went offers sticky had Patrick Kane wide open or the opportunity to shoot cuts into the predators zone off pass from Keith down the left wing to the corner. Battling for the puck there with ham use of the predators. Debrincat scrapes it out moves it left point Davidson drive over the predator. Neta the glass paved got it to the breaking in the slot. Turns and fire stick save made by Rene Ryan Hartman, breaking back the other way through center ice over the hawk line to the left wing circle may drops it off gremaldi from the corner. Tried to center picked up by Davidson with a nice play using state, and it's shot out of their from behind the hawk net by Cahoon up the right side to taste put it over to break it at center ice on the left wing side. They'll dump the puck into the left wing corner went to finish his check on ham. You sued moved out of the way predators. Get the puck. Here's ham. You sit the Nashville line passing ahead to join hawk line winds the puck down the boards in behind the net. Murphy there to spin it around at the near side to Hayden Hayden. Tried to back in the puck out of those known it hit PK sue ban. Who is an indie from the point. I now Carl dalstrom behind the hawk net. Hit by Johannesen who sends the puck into the far corner. Hayden put a shoulder into Irwin over there. This puck around to the near boards Pearleen. He's got Pearl any through center ice over the predator line left wing drop pass Hayden slot. On a sliding save made by Renee. How very fortunate to keep that one out of the net. Great playmaking by Hayden and Krueger and per liter. You got away a terrific shot. And wow, this is just an excellent passing players. You bents a little drop passed by per Leany. He opens himself up, Marcus. Pass that he received some John Hayden over to for leading. He fires a quick one time or what a great read by tech arena. Using all six what five of them will quickly from his right to his left? That's an excellent save. Loved the passing play from the Blackhawks lying there now for leaning Marcus Kruger's, John Hayden through looked like he made that happen with the smart way trailing the play and eventually the Passover through Carlini three onto while executed. Open up that shot is the great shot. Just a great safe press control off the draw Bonino at center ice will lift the puck and it'll bounce down ice into the catching glove of Colin Delia at the top of the hawk Greece. Face off in the hawk zone to is right.

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