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He doesn't need to whip him around twice. Gill they're very light especially for him because he i also has super strength and super speed super agility so when it comes to counter hate to say it i really hate to say it but in terms of pure fighting skill the edge slightly goes to leonardo ardo. That's my point number one well. If you hate to say it so much. Don't say it especially when it's not true just like it is not a couple of things to say about here. You know i love. The james starts out and he says well. I'm a man of principle of honor. I'm only going to use the i._d. W version of leonardo and then immediately he's talking about an animated movie crossover with batman. It did not take place in the i._t. Double uterus incorrect did i know there is a batman crossover event latino as an animated movie that was actually based off the comic book series. I i just <hes> let me check if batman i w character no he's not. He's a dc character. So what are we even talking about this this is this is the nonsense inside his race so there's actually comic books with end leonardo fighting. Let's talk about since we're apparently as i as i knew you would apparently talking about all the different versions of leonardo. Let's talk about all the different versions of leonardo. Did you know that in other fights with leonardo he lost a one on one battle with rafael who is using size size size versus swords and he defeated leonardo any roughed him up real good and threw him out a window. Okay when dealing with the foot clan he is often defeated by small numbers of the foot clan three three four of these special throwaway ninja we talked about i._d. W towards talking about leonardo the image version of leonardo since you're talking about batman the europeans are reasonably in ardo got his hand cut off. He's so proficient in battle. He fought guy who cut off his hand but in the michael bay version they gave him and hideous muscles they did and they all of the media's facial expressions that were really like awkward kidnapped and defeated by a handful of foot clan members taken back to their base where he was brainwashed into becoming the defacto leader of the foot clan and turned evil because you talk about how spiritual he is apparently he's not spiritual enough because because through a little bit of light brainwashing they're able to turn him evil so as far as i'm so happy to goes. This is the w version the version you claim to be arguing. This guy is is not mentally strong. You cannot argue awfully buffy is not mentally strong. Okay buffy as mentally strong. I'm so glad that she never turned to the dark side or over got influenced by dark uh-huh that's right. She did big difference between getting hit by a demon or an elder vampire and a couple of ninjas with a boom box and an eyedropper. That's all i'm trying to say threader threader all right gene-o. Would you like to hear point number two or would you like the verbal diarrhea of radio literally screwing everywhere. What would you what would you. I would like point number two there you go. I have more diarrhea okay. I'll do point number two point number two. We're going to talk about the enhanced senses of buffy and this is where she is going to be you a cut above leonardo for a variety of reasons first off. She hasn't innate danger sense if something's about to attack her. She knows if something's about to pop out at her. She knows there's a moment where she's walking down the street by herself late at night on the t._v. Show and after walking shoes like looking like something's something's up. She just stops obstinate tracks and she says okay guys..

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