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Lego brawls is coming Apple Arcadia Arcadia September nineteenth neo to got announce over at. TGI's is coming in early twenty twenty two PS four. I'm assuming that's just in Japan hit me up kind of funny. I com slash wrong if somebody's clarified that since then I just saw the trailer gunshot dwellers Dodge Role co-developers single core games and Games label volver digital have revealed that exit the engine a new adventure venture in the burgeoning gunge inverse is set to debut on Apple Arcade Exit. The engine is a bullet hell dungeon climber immediately following the events are adventures of the misfit gun gene ears and their journey for personal absolution in entered the gudgeon spoilers the engine has become a paradox in his collapsing so there you go a lot information adjusts but basically the sequel to enter the Sanjin Exit. The country and it's coming Apple Arcade S. N. K. Corporation is proud to announce that a new deal see character Hsun Shinzo Morrow will be released waste free for Samurai showdown players places for xbox one September seventeenth two thousand eighteen and then sign our wild hearts which was part of the apple presentation yesterday is coming to Apple Arcade. ps four and switch on September nineteenth and I've got one more square UNIX confirmed today that RPG classic Romancing Saga Three will arrive in the Americas on November Eleventh Twenty One thousand nine hundred twenty four years after the game's initial Japanese Release Saga Scarlet Grace Ambitions will release for the first time the Americas shortly after on December third both title will be available on modern consoles mobile platforms with new content optimized graphics and updated gameplay controls and I have another one too that I'm into put in free up and then you reminded me during the show somehow Bill Roseman tweeted today of course from Marvel Games that Marvel's avengers iron man.

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