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Saga continuing saga continues on the treasure map to the truth. The Rush Limbaugh program where treasure is found each and every day. And now we go back to Mike in Wichita, Mike. Your your your overall question, why didn't Trump just fired guys at at a certain point in time that question becomes relevant. Now. The reason it didn't happen when you described it. I to win Komi went in and presented the dossier. That Trump the first time he didn't show him the whole thing. He showed a one story. And that was the golden showers story. And it was a it was a it was a setup at the time. Trump had been very firm that he didn't think he needed to meet with Intel people every day. He didn't need a daily briefing. He's a smart guy. He's got a good memory. He can read on his own. I didn't think he needed to have these people in their everyday well that ticked them off. Off the intelligence people are one of the leading elements of the administrative state. They want Oval Office access every day. They want to have influence on American foreign policy. And here's Trump telling them he doesn't need them. Not good that tick them off that really check them off. So they got together I'm shortening this up. They got together with Komi the dossier was running around. They're already using the dossier and get going on their investigation. Trump doesn't know nearly enough about this at this stage because he just hasn't been at this long enough. And the investigation official was was remember Muller hadn't even been named. This was not going to happen for a couple of months at that time that that Komi showed Trump the golden showers story, they they were struggling the investigators FBI. Nobody wanted to get that thing reported. They wanted it in the media. But they couldn't because none of it was true. And none of it have been verified, none of it had been corroborated. So the scheme was that Komi would kill two birds with one stone. He would take an element of the dossier showing to Trump and say, this is why you need to meet with the Intel people every day because this is the kind of stuff that's going to be out there about you every day, and you do need to know about it. Trump looked at it. You mean hiring prostitutes to urinate, who's gonna believe that? I don't need to be told. This is that's nuts. So the meeting Komi calls James Clapper who was Obama's director. National security says mission accomplished Clapper, call CNN and tells them that the president has seen the dossier. That was the signal to be able to report on the dossier. So CNN acknowledges after BuzzFeed publishes, a whole thing on a Friday. See an early next week. Then reports on the fact that the president has seen it that the FBI has shown it to him and the whole thing begins to on role are unfold at that point. So call me presentation of the golden shower story had two objectives f get the whole thing reported and extensively to try to convince Trump that he needed to meet with these Intel people every day. So now we move forward and they appoint a special counsel. That's what you wanna know. Why after a certain amount of time when this peer to be as bogus as it was didn't Trump just can them. All right. That's your well. Because it wouldn't have ended the investigation if he fires Muller they'll just appoint somebody else because the investigation has begun. Once it's begun, the president can't stop it. He can fire the investigator. He can fire the special counsel, but that just meant that Rosenstein, McGuire out and find another stooge and step in and continued things. But there was another overriding reason by the time this got, you know, six months down the road, it became clear that the quote unquote, investigators were investigating whether or not Trump obstructed Justice by firing Komi. He wasn't. He can fire. Anybody? He can fire anybody in the executive branch, and he doesn't even need a reason the price he will pay for making a dumb move, theoretically as political maybe not get reelected loses approval numbers. But there is nothing. Anybody can do but they presented firing Colby as obstruction? So Trump knew that if he fired Muller, they'd just be somebody else put in there, and that they would ratchet up even. Fervor that Trump is obstructing Justice. Why just fired the investigator? And he also knew that if he fired Muller the stories baller must have really found. Something Trump must be in real trouble. Oh my God. And they want to start running with a new pack allies. So that's my theory. I don't know what it is. For fact, but I think the guesses are pretty solid as to there was there would be no. Stopping anything by firing Mahler. And by the way, Muller hired all of these never Trump hate Trump lawyers. They would have remained unless Trump fires all of them. But they would have just been replaced and whoever replaced him would have additional fervor in there. Because Trump can't name the special counsel. Can I share a quick rush merchandising story? Yeah. Absolutely. Five years. Wait a minute. Wait when I answer a question. Nobody has any questions when I tell people what happened. It's the whole story. Nobody says. Can you explain this because I have explained it in full? Now, he wants to go on something entirely different you and feel free. What is it? A Burton dicing story. I bought your first book, and it came with a t shirt with you had a picture on the front and on the back ten reasons to elect liberals, I'm wearing that t shirt into my daughter's birth in the delivery room and your pictures on the front of the T shirt. I'm cutting the umbilical cord of my daughter, and I get sprayed with blood and the blood lands on your forehead in it turns you into Gorbachev. Bits on your radio program. I've always referred to that shirt as my gore Basim shirt. That's. What a story. I heard on. I'm no doubt that that's true. Have the shirt thirty years. Have you watched it? No, I don't want to take the blood out. Holy shit. Look like, Gordon, Gorbachev man, the day comes if you ever put that on EBay, you know, how much you're gonna get for it. It's priceless. Actually, right. It is well, Mike. That's awesome. How how old is your daughter? Now, she's going on twenty seven twenty seven what kind of tricks have you pulled together into school? Yeah. Exactly, I send her with a Rush Limbaugh book three. All right. Thanks much for the call. I appreciate it. Have you seen one of the daughters of Laurie left the one of the daughters? Are Lori Laughlin who was benefited by her parents act is livid at her parents. She is because she's had to leave school. She. Well, apparently, apparently, she didn't know that are here. But here's the reason why this this young woman their daughter on her own through our own hard work, and whatever had become what are known as YouTube influencers. Meaning she had enough of a loyal audience on YouTube that if she recommended a product she was paid thirty thousand dollars to recommend the product. And thirty thousand here at thirty thousand there. They didn't overdo it. But she was she was doing quite well on her own while being a student at the same time and all of that. I think has been blown up by this now. I think her influence deals have been withdrawn. Because of course, she was the beneficiary of the. What's the word not cheating? I guess it was. Yeah. And but she's livid, and there's even people speculating, we'll she sue her parents for lost income and so forth, but about that. But story she was really mad really mad at a of which. Could understand next up is Jack Columbia, South Carolina. How you doing Jack? Their rush hour you doing today, sir dandy. Thank you. I have a question. I've been waiting to ask you for probably ten years now. And I'm finally getting through t on open line Friday. Okay. What is your favorite car to drive of all time? And why? Wall. Oh, man. This is. This is a this is a tough question to answer. But I'm just going to answer it. My very first car was a nineteen sixty nine Pontiac lemoyne's four four four on the floor for on the floor. It was a stick shift. It was a Royal blue with a white vinyl top and white interior at a walnut shift knob. And I remember ordering all those things it was the first at it was it was as I car. It was just I couldn't afford a GTO. So I had to go lemoyne's same body style is the GTO back just didn't have as Megan engine and didn't have his greater. Accessory package. But I remember that car because it was my first one drove like a dream. But the actual best car that I have ever driven the finest ride. Without comparison. Nothing is close. But I have I haven't driven every car out there by any stretch. But the Mercedes my buck fifty seven. The the second year that that car came out that they've stopped making it some years ago. But I kept it because of that I have never driven a car. That quiet. I have never driven a card that solid. I have never driven. This car was near six thousand pounds in it's zero to sixty in under under four seconds. It's just unbelievable. The acceleration of this gigantic four door sedan was just unbelievable. The problem with the car is when they introduced it. The electron IX the dashboard was four years old. And they never upgraded doesn't even have bluetooth in it. For example. Oh, that's quite. Just outstanding cars on different ends of the spectrum. And I really respect the first one at the Pontiac that that that's really American there. And. Well. It was well, of course, I bought it myself. It was it was always special. But I'll never forget it. Because it it it stunned me it was it was not an automatic. Learn to drive a stick which I knew how to do that. But it was just solid. It was also quiet. There were no rattles. There were just the acoustics in for the radio. We're just astoundingly good. Well, I really appreciate you taking the time to answer. My question. I'm I'm curious why something like that would interest? You. Well, I heard a presenter of a British TV show tell why what his favorite car was in wide. I have my favorite car. And why and I've been listening to you since my birthday in nineteen eighty nine. And you know, why not ask rush? What is favorite car is your favorite? What is your favorite one to drive? What's the best car you've ever driven a nineteen ninety eight Pontiac grand prix GT action Daytona replica..

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