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You can find us on Twitter at Jordan, underscore Morris. And at Jesse thorn Jordan, we have a, we actually have a, we're facing a crisis right now. Oh, no, unfitted earth. Sometimes people want to send us a correction. Of course, his its, we host a potty juice for from allergies. Yeah, I really you guys get that on your screen. I can't imagine the things you get John John very, very smartly, hides most from. So I don't lose my shift. So ordinarily we have them. We have them tweet their corrections. And historically, we've been having them tweet them at gas station TV, which we think is just a great place to send your thoughts and ideas about anything. 'cause they, they cover a broad range of issues, it cetera, et cetera. No gas station TV is no longer at gas station TV. I don't know if you heard about this, didn't previously tweets that. Teenager at the time, the network is only seventeen years old share. They were supposed to be ironic. So previously we had targeted, we had people target their corrections at Papa John. And then before that we had them targeting their comments at the vaping congressman don't get what's his name. Yeah, him now all three of them are now mired in controversy. By the way, I just want to note for anyone who's thinking of something to tweet. Yes, I did just make a weird Daffy duck sound while saying the word three. And we need a new. We need a new Twitter account for people to director thoughts and corrections. Yeah, can you Brian? Can you see if there's anything trapper keeper related? Maybe the Mead paper, Lisa Frank, at least Frank afraid, Twitter, a case. Lisa Frank ran. I don't know that we wanna bug the actual person. If there is an actual, Lisa, Frank, there's a woman named Lisa Frank who started Lisa, Frank, Franken, Paul, Frank, I'm going to be ones the monkey, which the pink unicorn. Oh, you know what? Peachy folders. Sure. Yeah. Let's see if peachy is on. I think peachy is a really, really solid one. I used to man. I lost it in a move, but my most treasured possession was promotional item for e forty's album. My ghetto report card that was an e forty, female Picchi folder. Picchi folder. Opie Chee Allstars. Gee, that's just Canadian tops, baseball cards, Brian, where we had only two Frank desert Twitter account for the Lisa Frank corporation. Come on Bryant Bryant for the love of God. It's already in your porn search history. At least the Frank. Should that be our new correction target? Yes. So for the time being please send your corrections and thoughts about the program to at least a Frank. Our mission here at least a Franken cooperated is to strive to create quality products that enable children to exercise their imaginations and creative shirts. Just like your Bryant in this crank off by the way. I do have one person that I follow on Twitter comedian. Mike Drucker also follows Lisa Frank. That's fun. Isn't that nice? It just shows your little. It's we're all connected. Yeah, you know, you know the monkey from Fred. I know her rocker falls, Lisa Franken. Yes. We'll talk to you next time on Jordan. Jessica. Maximum fund dot org, comedy and culture, artist owned listener supported..

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