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It's fun isn't it. I remember my sister. Tammy her senior year back then. They would have that service prior to graduation where was more of a religious emphasis. Remember those. My sister was born. Crippled walking is a very difficult thing for her. I remember sitting there and they had guys at the stairs of the stage helping each one of the ladies up. They thought it'd funny if they didn't help my sister and she tripped she did. They laughed funny isn't it. I wonder how many of us in the name of jesus of course we justify don't who none of us are perfect of course for not but we're supposed to be like the one who is i'm willing to bet he's never laughed at you. See you need to understand something if you need to write this down whatever wanna call it however you want to excuse it however you want to justify when it comes to sin god's not laughing and he never will because every time we thinks is funny or we play it off. We cheapen what he did on the cross. In fact i think if you read the word correctly how about this. I think god we say how. 'bout quit laughing at what i created. Want you just look at my cross and find that to be funny and then you can talk about later because whatever you do for the least of these. You're doing it to me. That's what my bible says. What is it about sin. We find funny. It's probably because we don't know what sin is. And so if you have your bibles i want to invite you to go to romans five because i contend right now were a little bit more like doris day. I'm talking about cases. Arise ask whatever will be will be the future's not ours to see case. Ross hate the break the news here you will die and die. There's no out of it will be will be. The future is secure. You see sin is a big deal. And it's time we better rethink because if we really understood it. We probably try to stop doing it. It's a big deal. why we need to rethink it. So romans five. I'm going to begin in the twelfth. I i'm reading from the living translation. Romans five beginning verse twelve. Let's pray father. My heart is pounding. Its paces pretty high right now because i'm not capable the even capture. Truly you really only understand. So god i pray that your spirit would move for without it nothing. It's just a bunch of meaning less words. La bible says your truth actually can transform us can transfigure us and so we begged for your spirit. The fall we beg. Your spirit would move in such a way that there's no way we could ever leave the same. I'm going to trust that in advance. And if you'll confirm with me all god's people would say amen romans five beginning in the twelfth verse. When adam sin sin entered the world adam's sin brought death so that death spread to everyone for everyone. Sindh fact the bible says and i john that if you say you have no sin. You're a liar. The bible says and goes on to say and you do not know the truth. There for the truth is not set. You free in. The son of god doesn't even know you sin is a big deal. We've all we've all set with me. We've all in fact someone right now and say. Us you've always wanted to say it that way say it again. Citizen is 'cause you're saying to someone else someone saying to you. We're all centers verse thirteen. Yes people send even before. The law was given pre moses. Watch this but it was not counted as sin because there was not any law to break. This is crazy because the bible says verse fourteen. Still everyone died. We're going to talk about that moment. From the time of atoms to the time of moses even those who did not do so bay an explicit command of god which by.

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