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Ph balance of your vagina and helps protect against houston factions that'd be something okaka try also shower after right i mean it depends on there just write that moment could be throwing off the pace boss no matter how long it is i mean you could also this is this is just a out there kind of recommendation he could also try like maybe different toothpastes like things like that if it's something not just on him or even his cologne it might not even be in his mouth it could be around his mouth is aftershave something like that could try to adjust those things okay we are in our well jackson well yeah you are in your thirties but i'm in my late thirties okay amazing anyway so we live in this world where like when you're thirty six it's done like bodies done not having babies and then the fear of god is put into like you need to freeze your eggs immediately you are dry it's over what is the real age that people because then you hear of like women are forty five they get pregnant so your thoughts through f for tilleke starts to kind of decrease slightly at around the age of thirty two there some studies that have shown that like even around twenty eight starts to go down a little bit and so then basically kind of slowly creeps down unfortunately when you get into your like late mid 's right as you get closer forty that's when it just kind of nosedives okay that's for the general public again of course are women that are going to be fertile after forties forty five they get naturally pregnant but that's overall everybody and so that's why you have to be conscious of it besides for tilleke the other thing that why we have these ages where we're like oh it's thirty five it's because that's what we consider advance danced maternal age because you're the actress don't they call it like no geriatric jerry hayes yeah so i like to stick with the ama maternal age but it's also because that's where your risk of down syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities start to increase so that's also why we kinda choose those numbers i think good idea is just kind of start thinking about for tilleke and agrees and things like that when you start to near that thirty five range at least if you don't have like a plan in the next couple like year or two years at least go have like a counseling appointment with a fertility doctor i'm thirty seven i froze mine last year did how was it how was it because we here it's just like horrible it's not that bad honestly i mean it depends on how sensitive you are to hormones and it also depends on like where your body's out like i was i felt fortunate that i went in and it turns out oh you don't have any for tilleke issues so the whole process was really just one menstrual cycle for women that have issues that could take longer to get them at the place where they're ready to have a have their eggs frozen but to me overall it wasn't so bad you know you have to go on birth control you go off you take shots the procedure itself wasn't a big deal afterward i had you know some of the side effects which is very bad discomfort and bloating and that was pretty bad but again it was short and i i'm really happy i did it i definitely feel like it took like a my own psychological pressure off how much is it usually a range i think it depends on your situation but again it's going to range usually somewhere between like ten fifteen thousand dollars some insurance do cover it now which is awesome like i was saying i have friends who work for big companies that the companies are starting to pay so cool so i think it's definitely worth going in and talking to someone when i went to sit down this is interesting to me i was like well it might just even too old for it now like should i've just done it earlier my thirties and if i'm gonna have to do anyway why don't i just wait for that and the fertility was like you know perry like all of your information is is from when we were residents like every single year it gets better in veteran i'm.

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