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Attendance with music provided by the choirs from american university in eastern high school house speaker paul ryan says the fbi did act appropriately in the russia investigation telling reporters today he agrees with house oversight chairman trae gatti's view an informant for the bureau was not spying on the trump campaign he says the fbi was doing exactly what american citizens would want it to do i think chairman gardez initial assessment is accurate i think but we have some more digging to do democrats in congress are calling for an investigation into the death toll in puerto rico from hurricane maria following a harvard report that dramatically revised the tally upward new york congresswoman media bela's says she is urging an independent commission be established to investigate the numbers today i'm calling for the stylish woman of an independent commission seem alert to what we have after nine eleven to examine the death toll the federal response on how fema and other agencies may have responded sluggish league based on artificially low numbers the official death toll sixty four but the harvard study puts it at more than forty six hundred global news twenty four hours a day on air and a tick tock on twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries those who are the best at what they do love what they do see you don't care what digital currency your if you love what you do folks are also saying we're wondering if we've topped out it's not just about the sector talks about construction you feel right at home are they trading every day carol massar host bloomberg markets i'm watching china very closely weekday afternoons at two eastern on bloomberg radio the bloomberg business app and bloombergradio dot com bloomberg the world is listening.

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