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Eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two and remember on open line friday we can talk about pretty much anything we do restrict during the week people to things that interest me 'cause i don't want to be bored because people think i'm bored they're going to be bored so we can't have that on friday to take a risk even if i'm bored with it you can talk about it or ask about it eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two if you want to be on the program these immigration numbers again the homeland security press secretary tyler houten released the following statement on customs and border protections southwest border migration numbers for junie should following the implementation of the administration's zero tolerance policy the june two thousand eighteen southwest border migration numbers declined by eighteen percent when compared to the previous month this is of course illegal immigrants tempting to get in the country in the southwest border down eighteen percent because of these zero tolerance policy reuters has a story this is from earlier this morning it's a poll it's a reuters ipsos poll immigration tops the economy and healthcare as the most important issue determining american's vote ahead of the midterm elections in november the writers data shows that immigration became a top concern for registered voters in the us after the trump administration in may announced its zero tolerance policy on illegal immigrants saying they would be criminally charged actually it was announced zero tolerance policy announced april seventh two thousand eighteen sessions was acting after a department of homeland security report found that illegal border crossing increased two hundred three percent from march two thousand seventeen to march two thousand eighteen and then writers says you're the policy became a political lightning rod in mid june with disclosures that thousands of children were separated from their parents who were accused of crossing illegally into the country wrong again it only became a lightning rod when.

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