Banana Republic, President Trump, Dick Durbin discussed on Mark Levin



Even went our national security the safety of millions of Americans protected by the men and women in our intelligence agencies is on the line. Now, it's not on the line, you idiot call you an idiot because you are an idiot for decades. I have attacked this, man. He would never come on my program. So let's the point of being nice. So millions and millions of Americans are in danger. As a result of what Trump's doing? This guy's mental. Absolutely mental. Go ahead. The latest disclosure by President Trump is a blatant abuse of power. Why? Why? Go ahead action of a dictator in a banana repel. It's not a dictated a banana Republic wouldn't release anything idiot. You really are an idiot dictator banana Republic wouldn't release anything to the people. He keep it secret. You know, a dictator and a banana Republic would do it. You do you schmo behind the scenes trying to destroy somebody's reputation? That's what a dictator doing a banana Republic. And by the way. What countries are you calling banana republics countries have colored? I mean when the president talked about asshole countries. Oh my goodness. That little midget you have by the name of dick Durbin. He was furious. Now, you're calling these countries banana republics. Isn't that offensive, particularly if they grow bananas? I'm serious. I think Schumer is a racist. Go ahead. It's not politics.

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