Twenty Forty Years, Twenty Twenty One Years, Three Thousand Kilos discussed on The Kinda Sleepy Podcast


Gave clemency by way of commutation or pardon to a black person accused distributing two thousand to three thousand kilos over a certain number of years okay in the midst of an opioid crisis quote unquote opioid crisis republicans would move for impeachment immediately agreed i think we can put that under the category of fact yeah it's crazy it's absolutely nuts that'll notes and slowly but this is how many more people are in jail they have similar cases tons of them and so while we're celebrating in tap dancing and in down al's saying that this is so great in so amazing you got cushions brothers in all kinds of other people still in in jail behind nonviolent drug offenses this doesn't level the playing field at all no is is is meant to pacify this is i'm again i'm glad she's she's less she's on however there's a bigger picture i don't think she deserved to be in jail for life but two to three keys considering the numbers that other folks servant assailing way less weight than that have gotten i mean just the twenty seven kilos she that by by virtue of the evidence in court documents that she actually personally handed off in gave out to people in from her car from her hand from shopping bag the twentyseven key is she just handed out there people who have done just as much time and are still in jail for that for those twenty seven keys and less now no people back home man is not life but i mean young guys they get between twenty forty years twenty forty years amazing twenty twenty one years old little play bags a weed in a pocket man like.

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