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Wanting into Texas from eggs and expanding number of other states well explained it Monday morning I'm making this up with our top stories and traffic and weather together from the W. away I traffic center good morning it looks like they've finally picked up all the weekend construction in sixteen oh four two eighty one and fourteen are all back up and running as they should be might still see some delays and closures around the Freeman Coliseum there's a code nineteen drafter testing sites set up in the parking lot I'm calling Ellis news radio twelve hundred W. O. A. I. this report is sponsored by Kickapoo lucky eagle casino hotel lucky eagle casino hotel the thirty three hundred red light an eighty percent chance of rain for us today then sunshine on Tuesday high around eighty one we have sixty seven degrees under cloudy skies and news radio twelve hundred W. away I first up this morning checks from that recently passed a similar bill should arrive in your bank account within three weeks according to treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin he says most will be direct deposits a family of four could get up to thirty four hundred dollars while an individual taxpayer could receive up to twelve hundred dollars federal health officials reporting one hundred fifty seven cases of coronavirus in their county and includes five deaths a total of seventeen new cases Sunday alone Easter camping in San Antonio city parks another victim of the coronavirus mayor Ron Nirenberg said Saturday events guide to be canceled because of this.

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