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Good morning from Washington. I'm Chuck Todd and you're listening to the Chuck Todd cast from meet the press. We're company a little later than usual because we had another doubleheader democratic debate on Tuesday and Wednesday and we wanted to have the full picture before we got into your feet and now they are all bleary and over caffeinated so let's get started today. I'm joined by any Carney the White House correspondent for the New York Times and Doug Thorn Allah Democratic Strategists and former Mur- Senior adviser at the D._N._C. and in Doug Welcome to the welcome to the pod here so I it's easy to sit here and we can we're GonNa get into the nitty gritty of the debate but also want to sort of set the table. I feel like we're to beat up a cliche or at the end of the beginning so phase one of the campaign announcing face to was planning your tent Poles Lane WanNa run and you want to be a progressive. Here's my plan for X. Y. And now we're in the were now. We're sorting it out right now. We're in the campaign and to me that's what these debates introduced as we now see the dividing lines and what I assume soon will be a much more heated campaign day to day between all of the front runners any what what's your takeaway from tonight. I think you're right about that. We saw not just a Kamla Biden matchup over one issue. We saw all the candidates taking hits at not just the front runner Biden but at Harris who emerged as a serious threat last in the last debate <hes> we saw in the first tonight the moderates kind of taking on the Bernie and Warren we saw a lot of different fishers not just going after one front runner which I think also talk sesame sesame about the state of the race that it's kind of any still anyone's race by still anyone's race. It's also probably the end of the beginning and that that's the last time we're gonNA see twenty candidates debating. We're going to also go into the winnowing period which I think everyone is really ready for at this point. It's many candidate for now. You know these candidates. tate's well. You probably know the campaign staff even better how many of them are GonNa be putting their resumes together and Labor Day well right now. I think there's only seven that have qualified for Houston and I believe that if you're not on the stage and Houston in September then your candidacy candidacy and your campaign is either in life supporters dead okay now. There are a couple folks the last two nights who I think did themselves some good in terms They're trying to get on the debate stage because quite frankly. I feel like each different. These candidates all have different objectives and several of them needed to create moments so that They could generate some donor enthusiasm and money last night. You could say that Bennett Jila brand probably are going to feel good about their performances and may have done enough to get on that stage. I'll be very curious to see on both of them because I agree but they've not popped in in the past when I thought they would pop right and and you know look it's hard when you've got you know I thought last night was a it was almost like a ten car pileup right and chuck you and I are both growth <hes> college football fans. I thought of it as sort of like the Oklahoma drill where you had someone in the middle of the circle right you grabbed two people riding Harris what the moderators moderators daylight fight other yes allied and then they called different names and the allied and in politics for the football metaphor percents. We're getting close so so I think those two booker's already. I think made the stage for Houston. Houston so yeah look. I think you're I think you're gonNA see some campaigns that are going to probably fold comment after Labor Day because again. I just don't know how you survive without that earned media attention that you get from a debate like this. You really struggling and it's a message. It's not a message you want to send to your donors and supporters are all right. Let's break it down by candidate Biden. I'm going to stick with another sports metaphor. In my apologies. Watching Biden give responses last night was like like me watching the nats bullpen when when I'm hoping they can close a game type of thing and you're wondering can they do it. They're going to blow the safe Biden Liden was at times he would just Survi- and a few times thrive it was. I don't WanNa call it shaky but boy I will say this. I think it quiets the whispers campaigns but it doesn't shut it. Yeah I think I mean I. I was reading some of the takeaways first the analysis and I think I agree with the general consensus that Biden wasn't great but it wasn't terrible <hes> he probably stays the front runner after this but didn't convince anyone that this that he was clearly the dominant force in the race at a level level above everyone else. That's ready to take on Donald Trump <hes>. I think that if you didn't know if you're watching that and you didn't know the position who is in the only way what would have indicated to you that he's the front runner is how many people attacked him but in terms of what he looked like on that stage. He didn't look like a different level from anyone else there to me. I thought he had an opportunity entity last night doug to to sort of stood up in oddly enough to pull away if you want to write to to the fact of the matter he's he's not going ever pull away no. I think that's pretty clear I what I don't know is if he does collapse if there is a moderate to take his place are pragmatists. Whatever did you want to call the person. That isn't the Progressive Wing of the Party. I don't think so it does feel like even though Michael Bennett I think made was better at at making Biden's case than Biden. I don't know if Bennett is seen as a full-fledged standing for that wing of the Party. Well knows Michael Bennett is and and you know and I think it was so funny. He articulated the plan. The sort of Obamacare plus plan so much better than Biden did that Biden started adopting its talking onto part of yeah yeah. I think one thing that I appreciate about Michael Bennett. Is that <hes> we were talking about. This in the green room is that he sort of he keeps a focus on trump. trump in a way that I think some of these other candidates don't get a good truth bomb in a few good truth bomb and I think it's an imperative of the Democratic candidates if we're going to talk about health care that they got a lead every answer with let's be clear the Republican Party and Donald Trump spent years trying to take away Americans healthcare taking away protections. actions for people with preexisting conditions so we may have some disagreements on the stage but the real people who are who are trying to take away your healthcare the Republicans and then go into talking about your healthcare plan. There was a little bit of that last night none of that the first night no and I didn't even know the Republicans are doing anything in healthcare absolutely and that is a real dangerous spot for Democrats being the second can place where I think that there was missed. Opportunities for our Party was on the economy and I think that we cannot let assume that the economy is gonNA. Be a strength for this president. We have to take that strength and turn it into a negative in the same way that we did with with Bob Alright against Mitt Romney's business background right we made we made Mitt Romney's business background and negative so but look on Biden. I thought he did fine. I don't think anyone else did. I think everyone was a bit unevenly. Agree comal is I would say below-par night helps keep. Biden's night like not look so bad and before this debate I thought that Tulsi Gabbard was going to go after Comma and she did and she landed some clean shots and and I think Tulsi Gabbard another one of these folks to to watch in terms of whether she can pull into that into Houston I WANNA get into do what I think is going to be an interesting test for the social media world which is totally Gabbert Andrew Young Marianne Williamson weather the POPs. They've made on social. Oh the pops they've made if it does translate into actual support if it does translate into higher poll numbers more fundraising because I'm skeptical but we're gonNA find out I mean you're Tulsi. GABBARD number one most googled candidate in every state of the Union. Is that politically driven or something right right. We're GONNA find out right and we don't really know what what their constituents it's hard. It's hard to make a comparison 'cause like Marianne Williamson was the most googled on the first night that me and she was the most entertaining candidate on the stage stage but the N._F._C. and you try and think too crowded field last cycle was Republicans and who was that candidate who has the most googled and it was donald trump but it's not a comparison listen. He was leading in the polls from the beginning. He had clear issues. He was running on immigration and trade. It's she's not Donald Trump of the cycle but so What is that entertainment value on. It's not linked to being a front runner right. You know my my partner in one of my partners and I read Mark Murray his he was making. The case that these debates are starting to remind him of the Republican Bates for years ago. Remember that trump never did great. He always did just good enough <hes> it would seem free for all seem a car crash. It would seem all of these things and party leaders would wring their hands on my God. This isn't going. while there's too many fights. You're not focused on the big picture. It worked itself out now. I'm not saying Doug. Does that make you feel any better that the Republicans lukens went through a similar demolition derby for years ago and it worked itself out? This is a long race. We're in August. It's August first so I'm not <hes> <hes> I'm not. I'm not ringing my hand. I'm just a little bit disappointed because you know I wanted to see a more of a prosecution of the trump presidency than I did last night but there are certainly time for for that to sort of reset. I think it was I I don't know how similar was to the Republican debates. I mean there seems to be a little bit of a revisionist history when we talk about the Republican debates and how well Donald Trump not suggesting you just did no. I know what you mean how well Donald Trump did when you're talking about Joe Biden it's like what was Joe. Biden going to be able to take donald trump on and a debate. Donald Trump got destroyed by Hillary Clinton three debates measured by by one standing. yeah right and polls after the Republican debates he would lay a couple hits on and then just Disappear Sapir now. I I mean this notion that needs some fantastic goes. The point being that Biden doesn't have to be that great. That's right doesn't look he's not GonNa win or lose the the presidency on his job on how he debates with with Donald Trump none of these candidates are Kamala Harris. I thought She is in a bad if she is in a bad place on one issue. It's on healthcare it if the plan that she put out was designed to tamp. I'm down this issue. Where is she on healthcare she for Medicare for she is trying to bay and this is one where she's trying to be all things to anybody. WHO's looking yeah and I think Ben it. Put her in a box that she didn't know how to get out. I think they released the plan because of critique. critiques that she was incoherent and explaining her position and I thought her she sounded shaky to me. In terms of defending what her plan was last night she still learning the plan yeah. I saw someone tweet like shoes she that she wishes she had released that plan next week instead of this week <music> but yeah it's not clear what she means whether her support for Medicare for all means she wants to ban private insurance. It sounds like she's This is not her strong suit here and she will be up against people like Bernie and Warren who have seriously held beliefs leaves on this issue and and burning. I wrote the Danville. It's a different level that seemed of how firmly you understand and can and Sally your plan interesting. I get the impression Douglas would see what the Harris campaign hoped. The plan would be would be seen as the bridge between Medicare for all in Obamacare on steroids right the sort of that sort of bridge she got put into the Medicare for all box breath and the Medicare for all people are gonNA say. She's not legitimate like she got. She got cornered into being the Medicare for all candidate last night and you could tell she was uncomfortable. She wasn't comfortable and you know look the the biggest characteristic quality that a candidate can have is authenticity and I think she's authentic on a lot of things but on this healthcare healthcare thing. It seems like look if you want to get rid of private insurance. If that's what you believe in then own it now just say it and you know about. You're not alone on a lot of people don't like their insurance company. It's not an unpopular position with some right to say screw. These guys met you know look. If you're in I think that's what Bur Bernie and and Elizabeth Warren and Elizabeth Warren in particular very comfortable with their position. I think Joe Biden actually pretty comfortable with his position. You know he's not saying I want to get rid of private insurance. He's he's talking. came out. Let's build on Obamacare this Bennett said at a public option and so I think you have to be in in order to be real. I think you have to be in one of those lanes otherwise otherwise you look like you're trying to have to try to have them both ways and I just think if if she had if she doesn't want to get rid of private insurance then don't get rid of private insurance. I don't think a ten. ten year phase in or whatever I'm not even quite sure she. She didn't seem to have a she.

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