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S news on the hour presented by indeed calm. I'm Deborah Rodriguez. Super Bowl 55 is in the history books on so is Tom Brady. He scored his seventh Big game win, leading Tampa Bay to a 31 to 9 victory over the Chiefs and earning M V P for a record fifth time. CBS Sports Gym Dance and the Goat Ready Play Action in seven Theo team had a lot of confidence. We came together at the right time. I think we knew this was gonna happen. I didn't wake up playing our best 70 years. Grady 43 now left Kansas City's 25 year old QB, Patrick Mahomes and the dust and said, Yep, he'll be back next year. In a pre Super Bowl interview with CBS News, Norah O'Donnell, president Biden talked about getting kids. In the classroom. I think it's time for school through open safely safely. You have to have fewer people the classroom, you have to have ventilation systems that have been reworked. He says. The CDC will issue guidelines for safe re openings this week. Both Chicago and San Francisco have now reached preliminary agreements with teachers unions. The president will push ahead with his covert relief bill this week. He faces opposition from Republicans like Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker, who tells ABC the economic projections are you against something the size of a $1.9 trillion package that also anticipates A big tax hike, reports a House Democrats will unveil legislation that would provide $3600 per child to millions of Americans. Disappointing news from South Africa about AstraZeneca's Corona virus vaccine. The country has stopped giving people the shots after scientists found they were not protecting clinical trial volunteers from getting sick. The variant first detected in South Africa. A GOP lawmaker faces more backlash for breaking with party ranks. TBS is Tom Foti State Republican Party of Wyoming has voted to censure Congresswoman Liz Cheney for voting to impeach then President Donald Trump University of Wyoming political science professor Jim King. I don't think in the long run, this will prevent her from continuing, I still don't see her being defeated in the 2022 elections. Ex President Trump's second impeachment trial start It's this Tuesday in the U. S. Senate, Mr Trump impeached by the House for inciting the January 6th riot at the capital by a mob of this followers in northern India. 37 power plant workers are still trapped in a tunnel after part of a Himalayan glacier broke off instead of wall of water and debris rushing down a mountain. At least 18 people are dead 165 are missing. This is CBS News. Indeed, instant match searches through millions of resumes and indeed database to deliver candidates who fit your job description instantly more at indeed dot com slash credit. 503 It's Monday morning, the eighth of February mostly sunny for you today, but it will be a cold one highs only reaching 37. Thank. Good morning. I'm Joan Jones. And I'm John Doman. The top local stories we're following this hour. It was a Super Bowl, unlike any other with only a fraction of the fans in the stands. Some special people, including health care. He rose in U. S. Troops were still celebrated in person in Tampa Bay, and it included several D C officers who defended the Capitol during the capital riot. It was just over a month ago, D. C. Police officers joined Capitol police trying to stop the mob storming the Capitol. Guys were like grabbing gear off my vest and remember guys chanting like killing with his own gun. But last night, officer Mike, the known who suffered a mild heart attack after being beaten by rioters, and two of his Injured comrades were in a very different crown Super.

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