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It's safer from an evolutionary perspective to have that kind of group cohesiveness. Oh yes i think. That argument can be made. Paul smith from australia. Says you have mentioned a few podcasts. That went mormon. Women are ask a frequently respond that they like be a sister wife. I'm referring to this television. Show sister wives. Your rejoinder to this is along the lines of. How could they know they've been embedded. In this way of life forever they have no experience of monogamy to compare it. My question is this. My question is is the same not true in reverse that is a people embedded in a monogamous environment for their entire lives. Know that their way is better. Okay this is a really good question is of course we're all embedded in our particular cultures. Mike atieno western well today. Oh christian culture. I guess you'd say a democratic culture in its own where monogamy is the rule. That's right. I mean that has not always been that way. In many many societies historically polygamy was sanctioned there sorry it was endorsed and But but when you really kind of dig down into those examples it's usually just a few powerful males that are enforcing the rules in some cases. The laws about polygamy They get most of the women. Will you know we know that. The sex ratio is pretty close to fifty fifty. So what happened all the other guys well. Too bad for them. Case of mormons they in these fundamentalist mormon communities where a lot of these women are groomed to Marry some old guy when they it their late teens early twenties. What about all the late teens. Early twenty guys that grew up with they kick him out of communities to get rid of them because can't have a bunch of guys and their early twenties with all that testosterone walking around. And you know they're not allowed. You know fulfilled this part of their life. And that's just not healthy so i don't think it's natural in away from an evolutionary perspective. Disabled polygamy is the way it always has been. So that's natural. I think that had to be enforced. with some pretty strict rules And that because of the sex ratio fifty fifty. I think most anthropologists today described the human species as being serially monogamous. That is we trade partners. you know. Having multiple marriages for example is not that uncommon anymore but but within each marriage. It's a monogamous mary. Now there is something called poly-amorous where you have multiple loves and apparently some couples could do this I it's hard for me to picture that happening. And i just don't think my wife and i would be five in that too much but i can see the other people. Okay fine do personal. I don't care what people do long. Happy but i just don't think that's quite the case. Does he listen to podcasts. You know i've also talked about. I'm this with prostitution You know a lot of these. Young women are addicted to drugs or beaten by The men that are controlling them. The men make the most of the money and so on. So it's not a it's not the kind of free choice one may make you know. Should i get the job at ibm or should i get the job at google as a programmer..

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