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Code but your take on the monotonous sound of metal court. I don't even disagree but sometimes that's just finding what i want to listen to to say every bandstand exactly the same but i i recognize the monotony for sure okay. Childhood misanthrope pure. I all ready. I just downloaded it. And it's ready play on my devices are at all ready. I did it while you were giving me your explanation. I will i downloaded By a lion. K lee. Didn't yesterday. Because i knew that you're gonna you did. Not you know it's a lie. It's not it can you. Can you give us your so before we get to the episode where we will throw down. Yeah wha- what is your your harsh what is your push on relented. Can that is part of the band. Reliant k was one of those bands that every kid in i church youth group. Listen to because it was something that their parents would let them listen to and was like enough of edge for them that they could feel What's the word. I'm looking for edgy. Cool they could feel edgy. Thank you jesse. And so pretty much anything. That was popular with any group like that. I automatically disliked. I know that's probably not the right attitude to have. But that's just how it's been so it wasn't necessarily because of the style of music. Even know probably only heard the songs that they played on like the radio. Yeah okay so. I really haven't listened to a lot of them. Are well this album. That mike is putting forth was released in. I believe two thousand four maybe five four five four or five like that so this would have been after those youth group years anyways so okay so this wouldn't have been what those kids in your youth group or listening to. This comes after that. And i will say that the this might come up again later but i was not a big fan for their first few albums and just now used to talk about this. Actually because i just can't really handle songs about stupid stuff and had a lot of songs like sadie. Hawkins dance in my khaki pants. Khaki pants like the one that i remember. And that's why i didn't like them. This album though was like is such a departure from that and it wasn't. The first album departed from that. Were like they kind of grew into it but it was like no more silly youth groupie like jokes and and cliches like the kinda kinda moved all the way away from that with okay. It's it's a very serious record. And one thing i found interesting. Is that like you jesse of talked about them before and talked about how they have Said that like no affects one of their biggest influences and like even. I think he's a thank them in mike. Their credits on the album covers Which we said that. I thought well it's very interesting for abandoned. It's been so like popular in the christian world to do and made me wanna look into them but also not enough tactfully do it. It's funny though because like a few weeks ago fat. Mike posted a picture of like a toiletries bag. Like a leather bag The had the polka punk on. And he's like a ban gave this to me anyway. Know what this is like joking but it was like and then like my career from mx px said something and they joke like he he was just joking there. They are friends like they know each other. You know whatever so think there was a lot more blur of those lines than people realized. Because like jesse came from like tooth and nail. Like he's a tooth and nail kit to the max but that also on ramp to you. I'm assuming to go see other bands that were not in that scene like i went to. I've talked about it. I went to go see. Mx px. and that's when i first heard the atari.

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