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Matters It's 9 O 8 Michael and son spring AC tuna for only $49 Traffic and weather together on the age for that we go to Steve Dresden not on the traffic center We're going to start off in the district pretty serious crash in the inbound side of the suitland Parkway approaching stand and road and landscape report only a single lane does get you by we are finding rubber necking delays over on the upside keep it moving if possible Not much as far as delays on the southeast Southwest freeway backed up just as skinned southbound on D.C. two 95 the volume delays from benning wrote all the way up actually too Pennsylvania avenue and a pretty good ride over on I two 95 In Virginia traffic moving a lot better northbound 95 near old keen mill road the crash activity cleary traveling is open and we're in pretty good shape over on three 95 all clear from the Springfield interchange down to the 14th street bridge and no issues to report on the capitol beltway or on 66th In Maryland traffic moving nicely on the beltway throughout Montgomery county and prince George's county no issues and 95 were the BW Parkway between the two beltways were in pretty good shape from two 70 and route 50 and at the Chesapeake Bay bridge No delays at all two lanes heading east bound three westbound For over 35 years Greenberg and betterment has helped clients with a compensation they deserve and is always pay no fees unless you win your case It is a GB lawyer dot com and feel better Steve dresner WTO traffic Steve thank you now let's get the rest of your weekend forecast and tonight Here's NBC four Samoa Theodore Well man that famous D.C. humidity was on the rise today still a bit muggy out there As we head through.

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