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Mean i feel you. I feel alright. So let's move back over to the legacy that's going to be a five overall for christmas. Let's move back over to the legacy watch. Look at the next person in line here. And that is going to be kevin campbell. Who was going to drop all the way up. This is in sixth place overall in the upper tier dropping all the way down to fourth to last above christmas in the low tier. This might be the furthest anyone has fallen in the legacy. Watch this season quite a ways to go here. Or kevin campbell hurts brent. I know you were a fan of kevin as well. I was like i don't know what to make. I mean listening to to kevin in his instagram and some of his interviews after the season like it does seem like he had a somewhat of an understanding of where he was going wrong and the season and some mistakes and he owns his shit too. That's the other thing i appreciate like. Kevin is aware like i played terribly know here there everywhere like he he understands it but on the other hand by just because you understand it doesn't mean i'm gonna give you a pass for it so i understand where the audience is coming from. Insofar is like putting them in the lower tier. Do i agree that he belongs in the low tier. I think so because he didn't really give me anything this season he thinking. you know. Fight seating. Gimme no drama. You didn't give me no strategy. No good game play. Those sneaky moves no nothing character wise. He fell flat and yeah he he. He was somebody that a lot of people remembered from eleven but only like the hardcore fans a memorable character from eleven either through wise. It's just not there. Give me frankie. 'grande over kevin conway..

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