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Think that's part of the vision for where we're headed. He calls so. I think What would be interesting as movie to help. People understand a little bit more about building community. The you mentioned that drift has really been community. And i think one of our big things is that we pride ourselves on educating sales motors of the future of marketing. And and so we've taken that approach that were defining this new category and therefore we need to help bring you there. And that's our thing which is what we're gonna create great content. It's not just going to be content for the sake of like. Oh i did twenty seven books but like you learn things from the content right. I think in other cases. Like i've done user group communities where you kind of go into the field and you find out what is it that the teams need and then you bring the content to them to help them learn grow locally and things like that like you know. What's your perspective like. You wrote a book on category creation like to create a category inability to communicate community around. That do you have to lead. Drifters during or are there other models in ways that you've seen for building community it's a great question. I think the whether you're creating a category or you're disrupting an existing one. I think the the underlying strategy beneath it Let's call it brand by brand building and it's sort of the different spin creating or disrupting at these sort of where you're spending. We're focusing a lot of your effort in the case of category krishan. You've identified a problem that exists in the market. That no one else has before and so you're spending a lotta time defining the problem evangelizing the problem in your customers to say. Oh yeah. that is a problem And you can point to you know again. Drifted is one of the classic example Did we talked about turn. No one's talking about you're talking about closing net new deals and said this is a problem. We need to get proactive with customers. And so on when you're disrupting company. disrupting category. Typically the problem set is understood. And so in general. What you're doing is positioning new solution. But in either of those cases you need to sort of take this posture of educating a market of bill mobilizing community of people who Identify with the problem. That you've proposed or the solution in the new sort of approach to the solution that you're proposing. And that can you feel valued from youth through your enacted learn something from you as a brand regardless of whether or not their customer and that ultimately can play back to you that they can validate two things one that the problem you've observed or the solution you're proposing are real and that you as the brand are the thought leader. That's helping that's leading the market leading the conversation and the discussion in this category so the underlying tactics beneath this or the same content marketing strategy to your point building the online blog or lost bad term these days like the editorial property or whatever You know like salesforce plus like don following that news streaming service or on education for your community is powerful and by no means a small fee. doing your events and building your events strategy around that all of the different tactics Underneath our brinkley. Existential your ability to exist as a brand in twenty twenty later in this decade. You can't not do that. So i think that's the The opportunity going forward regardless of whether you're creating category or not but Certainly nuances yeah. I think that's really cool. So we're building. These communities were building. These categories were like creating a whole new dialogues. And saying you know. There's something bigger your problem solving it in the end of the day. I think like all of this isn't a service of building. The company not displaying the community but time to revenue. And so like. Let's talk a little bit about like As cmo's to revenue and the relationship that we have with sales. I think this is such an important question. Turkey i Because you can get a lot of re tweets for saying something about category creation or along those lines but the rubber hits the road with your cfo. Ceo the board. If you can actually like show the past monetization show that all the stuff actually turns into revenue and good news is it does But i think it's it's something that's We need to be pretty explicit on. How as we kind of build build a case for content marketing for hosting a large conference all these types of things so the philosophically. I think that things like paid media. You know things like you know buying lists and doing this stuff. It's important we have to do it like it's table stakes as demand marketers to make sure that we're being thoughtful irresponsible in monetize ing in that way. But they're also you're sort of like starting that relationship with a customer with the prospect rather transaction really They were searching for your competitor and a happened upon your landing page right or something along those lines. They saw a banner ad they couldn't help. Click and these are sort of like transactional but important a start relationships. But if you find if you're able to attract an audience that is engaging with thought leadership content that comes to your events that is coming that thinks about you and your brand as again a convener. A market leader place. I going learn for free and get value and growing my career You're starting from a very stable and important Place in that in that sort of customer journey and we found a gain cited. Those are the customers that ended up renewing that end up being engaged as advocates that are referring their own customers When they go onto to their next job they're going to bring you in Into into that. That new company. So i think the relationship based marketing is is a scalable way to like in. I said another way brand building community building is a scalable way to drive demand over the long term. It takes time though. I think that's where you know. We got a number two hit. And you know this quarter. It's very hard to sell the vision of seo strategy that takes time and sell sell that vision and so you need to do the paid media stuff in all these things to kind of like bridge the gap for that long term. But i found it. Nothing has been more sustainable and scalable from demand creation perspective than building a content marketing strategy and event program. All of these different things that we had a bubble up into community. So that's i think the the the piece of how do you sort of tell that story. I mean i think you need the funnel metrics needs to show you know. Hey we're growing our newsletters. Subscriptions you know number of insiders that signed up. This month has grown xyz or now nurturing those folks were generating mql's out of that that audience all that type of stuff So you can get. Did you know build a.

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