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The competing grocery store chain Kroger joined Walmart target and other companies in asking customers not to openly carry weapons in their stores. pope Francis on travel to Thailand and Japan in November mail me with Japanese prime minister Shinzo Ave and emperor Naruhito Japanese government spokesman says I'll be invited the pope to visit the country when you went to the Vatican in twenty fourteen Japan hasn't had such visits in Saint John Paul the second was the first pope to visit Japan in nineteen eighty one the main religions in Japan are Buddhism and Shinto ism there are more than four hundred forty thousand Catholics mainly in Nagasaki this will be Francis's fourth trip to Asia. south Africa's president has canceled a visit to the United Nations annual gathering of world leaders to focus on on the rest of a gender based violence and xenophobic attacks hundreds of Hoffman sentence done to McGuire with an A. P. news minute actress Felicity Huffman tells a federal judge in Boston she was frightened stupid and so wrong but you paid fifteen thousand dollars to have someone fix our dollars as a T. scores desperate housewives star centers fourteen days behind bars fine thirty thousand dollars order to perform two hundred fifty hours of community service after pleading guilty to charges as being part of a huge college admissions scandal eighteen year old Adam heard and read is another person suing these jewel young man hospitalized for a while after being for a week last month with a lung disease after using E. cigarettes we don't know what's in them we don't know how people what's causing people like me to suffer such such extreme illnesses and I want to call to my friends and peers to awaken to the reality of the dangers of the jewel in a recent interview with the Chicago Tribune her good writer said since last year he had been buying whole made devices filled with THC off the street I'm Tim acquire AP digital news back in a moment. farmers insurance knows that there's a not so subtle difference between the sound of a car hitting your rear bumper. and the sound of a clown car hitting your rear bumper..

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