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But you who set out to ask questions about money who did you talk to you so i reached out to a woman named ramon ortega she is the ceo and founder of a company called my money my future that she started to help young latinas with personal finance and ramona grew up working class in napa valley california and she and her mom and her grandma used to clean houses actually like giant biggest states and i remember just being there and going wow like how did you get all of this money like we did it come from i was like i know that we work hard i know my family works hard like why are we not achieving this like where's the gap ramona's talking about the racial wealth gap which is the official name of the difference between white house holds and latino households in wealth there is a bunch of causes for that gap but one of them that she saw is just a basic lack of financial knowledge by doug is actually walk around with cash in his wallet when he got his paycheck he cash the some plays it on think it was a bank but he kept all his money in his wallet he paid the renton cash so her company provides these financial tools for people to start budgeting give some advice about like how to start in ira things like that she said that there are a couple things that she wished she'd known when she was younger like when she had her first job she started putting money into four one k uh but instead of keeping that money in her account she cashed it out when she was moving on so there are some things that she just wish she known earlier.

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