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Is Tuesday April fourteenth the singer Loretta Lynn is eighty eight years old today the news is next live from NPR news in Washington I'm korva Coleman president trump plans to introduce an economic task force today he says it'll work to create a plan to re open the country's economy trump says he is the only person who has the authority to reopen the US amid the pandemic and B. R. Scott Detrow has more president trump says he has ultimate authority to ease travel and work restrictions many governors disagree to interstate compacts have now formed one of the west coast and the other on the east coast governors in those states representing more than one hundred million people say they'll coordinate on their own decisions to begin to return to normal NPR's Scott Detrow one governor who is not part of one of the state compacts also contradicts president trump Illinois governor JB Pritzker explains the decision to re open state economies is a power held by governors the reality is that the president does not have the authority to tell the states what to do in this regard we put the executive orders in place were the ones who are responsible for the safety and health of the people of our state and and I think the governors that you've heard from over the last day I have done a very good job of that Pritzker spoke to NPR's morning edition the corona virus pandemic cut Chinese exports during the first quarter of this year and here's Emily Feng says the exports were down by more than eleven percent data released for China's first quarter of trade should imports dropped as well by point seven percent total trade with the US dropped even more by eighteen point three percent China put in place of fear locked on measures and hundreds of millions of people starting in late January as an outbreak of the new coronavirus picked up steam ultimately sickening with an eighty thousand people in China nearly a quarter of a million businesses closed permanently as a result of the ensuing economic slowdown China's first quarter GDP data is set to be announced Friday analysts are expecting a six to ten percent contraction in China's economy from the same time last year Emily Feng NPR news will hand China more than thirty people were killed in the past two days by severe storms are created tornadoes in the south and east cobie Vance of Mississippi public broadcasting says eleven people were killed in Mississippi in the town of bass feel Mississippi emergency responders and community volunteers are clearing debris and assessing damages to homes and businesses city alderman Angie Ladner has been working around the clock helping residents who have been displaced I got a lot of things that out last night but we still have a big team out there today clearing out things I think they're finding more and more there's been so many people that have combined you need to keep it or stay in my home the gal I have nothing I have nothing to happen close I have United in lander says recovery operations could last throughout the week the red cross and the Mississippi emergency management agency our system residents in finding shelter and essentials for NPR news I'm Kobe dance in Jackson Mississippi there were storm deaths in South Carolina Georgia and North Carolina H. and P. R. California governor Gavin Newsom is allocating forty two million dollars to shore up the state's foster care system during the pandemic and beers Liz Baker reports foster families will receive additional payments of two hundred dollars a month Newsom's announcement comes as the state enters week four of a stay at home order that has slowed the spread of coronavirus in California but has also kept at risk kids out of school and away from support networks and mandatory reporters of child abuse of those referrals are down those in home visits are down as a consequence of the virus but what not what is not down as our garden our commitment and resolve the funding also extends eligibility for the nearly two hundred foster youths each month who would otherwise age out of the program allowing them to keep current living arrangements and food security in the midst of the global pandemic Liz Baker and your news Los Angeles North Korea has test fired several missiles from its east coast today this is the fifth such a test launches so far this year it comes a day ahead of a north Korean national holiday marking the birth of the country's founder Kim il sung it also comes a day ahead of national elections in South Korea the United Nations is releasing two and a half million dollars for emergency aid to help people in the Pacific nation of Vanuatu some of the nation's biggest islands were struck by a deadly powerful cyclone April sixth destroying hundreds of homes schools and businesses the U. N. reports more than two dozen people have been killed survivors on the island urgently need shelter food water and medicine I'm korva Coleman NPR news support for NPR comes from NPR stations other contributors include I drive maker of remote PC providing remote access.

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