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Once a rising star in Pennsylvania politics. Former Pennsylvania attorney general, Jeff. Lean Kane now behind bars reporting this morning to jail, Montgomery County, more than two years after her conviction of obstruction, and perjury. Whatever you suburban bureau chief, Jim Melwert, clean. Cain arrived at the Montgomery County correctional facility about what our before the court mandated deadline the report smiling as she hopped out of a pickup truck and walk briskly and to begin serving our ten to twenty three month prison sentence. Her attorney Bill Brennan keeping up and she's a tough lady. And she will I predict it through this with grace and dignity and serve her sentence quietly and under the radar that is my predicts Brennan says there are still some legal avenue. She can pursue sense. It's a county sentence. She could ask to be moved from Gumri county Lackawanna county closer to where family entertainers, boys. But officials in Montgomery County have said they don't plan on giving Cain any special treatment. She was convicted in two thousand sixteen of leaking secret information from a grand jury investigation that wrapped up without charges ever being filed and then also lying under oath grand jury. Cover it up. Cain was free on bail, pending appeal, but superior court upheld her conviction in Pennsylvania supreme court declined to hear it in Eagle Vale, Jim Melwert, KYW NewsRadio on New Jersey tech exec facing murder, and arson charges. This connection with the death of his brother is sister in law and their two children whose bodies were found inside their burning mansion last week. Mama's county. Prosecutor Chris romanucci says it started with fatal shootings allegedly carried out by pauken. Euro he says that Can Tho lit the house on fire and then return to his own home. On fire. This one is the most brutal case that I've seen in my experience here, and I know that the entire team of investigators and people involved in working on this case, the fire officials that they've struggled with this too. He's not yet entered. A plea was charged last week with one count of second degree aggravated arson for allegedly trying to burn down his own house on November. Twentieth while his family was inside his family survived. The fire..

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