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National symphony dot org This is WTO news Three 22 security camera footage was used recently to help solve a murder in Germantown And now the Montgomery county council is considering a program that would help pay people to install security cameras The private security cam incentive program would be established within the county police department People in businesses who buy private security cameras would get rebates or vouchers to offset the cost Police would maintain records of cameras registered in the program and prioritize the areas that would be most benefited Supporters say the program would help with criminal investigations as well and empower residents to keep communities safe Public hearing on the idea is set for next month The anniversary of the Watergate scandal that led to the resignation of president Nixon is Friday Over the last half century it is inspired a string of movies from thrillers to comedies The Watergate scandal turns 50 this week but it's still a fresh topic to movie makers Filmmakers today are still grappling with this concept That's WTO film critic Jason Frehley The hit 1976 film all the president's men became the first to highlight the scandal but Frehley says it's certainly not the last As someone that was born in 1994 my first exposure it's kind of comical but I probably first heard about Watergate in Forrest Gump When I was ten Gigi Barnett WTO news Three 24 we will soon get a look at the government's data on crashes involving self-driving and partially automated cars And it may not look good for Tesla The national highway traffic safety administration has been gathering the stats for nearly a year They'll be releasing them in the coming days Tesla's crash rate per 1000 vehicles was substantially higher than the corresponding numbers for other automakers that provided data to The Associated Press ahead of the safety administration's release Several carmakers and tech companies declined to release their numbers before the government data is revealed a message asking for comment from Tesla has not been returned Time for money news which we have a 25 and 55 after the hour hello Steve dresner Hello Hillary about 35 minutes to go and.

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