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Apparently Leah has blog about her diagnosis with bipolar. She was diagnosed on her face th birthday and Ramona or one of her fifty plus friends have been doing some digging on Lia came across that and Ramona has been going around talking about this behind Lee is back. But even worse saying that she shouldn't be drinking while she's on medication will lease not on medication. She's managing her symptoms other ways and she shouldn't be talking about her medical issues and how she's treating herself. It's all just really bad in Ramona. Her. Apology as always was absolutely not an apology and made her look so much worse than she already did Ramona I posted on instagram. How I had to go back in. Turn on the closed captions for something she said, they were getting to the Mexico House and she was saying how many people you know how many staff were there and I couldn't hear she said, oh. Wow. So many servers I thought she said her servants and I was like she couldn't have said that she wouldn't have said Servants Lake Nona Ramona's that bad she had to have said surfers and I went back 'em bitch said servants lake she is. Totally clueless I mean she loves talking about how she's in the one percent just cause you're rich doesn't mean you need to be now's holy. She is a monster twenty twenty has changed me and as I've always defended Ramona I've always loved her in her just total could disconnection with the world but enough is enough Taylor Armstrong Enough Ramona. And can I just say Ramona does not support other women go support other women. She clearly does not support hot women because she hates the fact that Leah is gorgeous has the most banging body could have any man that she wants and all of the ones that want Lia are the ones that Ramona once and she hates it do I hope I don't grow up to be a nasty old person like that speaking of nasty old people. Let's talk about Britney Spears Dad. So not only is he the monster? What one? Of the monsters behind this conservative ship, which gives Britney no freedom in life to make her own decisions live like a normal person drive car make any kind of decisions with her children. I mean, it's ridiculous. If you missed it, Britney's court date came up about a week ago regarding her conservative ship and moving forward and it had cancelled. There was some packing Jamie Brittany's dad and her mom Lynn were able to log onto the computer. Obviously, it was done from home. Brittany wasn't able to get in meanwhile there were hackers. There's a lot of theories that it was a setup which it very well could have been fast forward. Now, Jamie Spears is calling the Free Brittany Movement, a joke and a conspiracy theory. He's saying that he's getting death threats from Brittany fans, and all I can say is that that man is toxic. We've got enough toxic in this world right now the only toxic we need is by Britney Spears Jamie Spears we need and the conservative ship. The fact that Brittany's young sons have such issues with him says so much. Oh Gosh you guys. Britney needs us more than ever. If you're not following her on instagram kind of don't blame you. We were talking about with Connie earlier like. Mental health is so important and it's never okay to laugh at somebody who's struggling. Watching Britney is really hard right now, if if you need to see you need to see it but I've turned off with Britney right now. I. Don't like seeing her like this and I'm just GonNa give her some space while. Hopefully she's getting what she needs. Now, let's go ahead and on. Friday. There was something else I wanted dimension I. Do you know the actor Gerard Depardieu? Obviously he's French. Anything, he's in I've seen him in movies, I? Just love his name, Gerard Depardieu but. I guess he was accused of rape several years ago and prosecutors reopening the case and all I can say is good for them. Hopefully, all of these people who've gone in assaulted women who have seen women is weak and is a thing an object that they can use an abuse i. hope that the me too movement continues to thrive and get some justice for these women who've had so much taken away. Alert Alert I am actually going back and putting this in just about to publish the PODCAST, but this breaking news happens. So here you go off the Press Ninety Day Fiance Fans Holy Shit if you follow Paulin Carini. Oh. My Gosh this is devastating. Creamy and the baby Pirie are missing. Paul has notified the police that he and his wife had a fight she has disappeared and the baby's gone to the police are looking for her the police are officially on the case I know Paul said stuff in his tried to make stuff up before and it's never gone anywhere but the police are actually concerned in looking for Carini and the baby right now. I'm terrified she had filed a restraining order against him in the last several days. He has She's alleging that he has sexually assaulted her on multiple occasions. She feels trapped. He's cut off any access to money. She has no way out and he. From my cynical crime murdering oh loving brain. In my mind of what I've seen of Paul knowing his record, just seeing his relationship with his mom how his mom won't even let him in the house. I'm worried he's saying that it's looking like she left which from all the crime that I follow that is a classic tale of somebody who murdered somebody and is trying to make it look like they didn't murder I don't know why I just felt a need to mumble and whisper that I'm just going to say the hell how'd I. I hate putting this out there it could be. That, he might have killed her and did something with the baby because he's a fucking madman and I don't know it's very common for people who kill somebody to report that person missing and really they know what happened to them. I'm just saying. All right I hope I don't go to jail or get sued for that, but it's just my opinion..

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