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A hamstring injury he's been in and out of the lineup throughout his career. But even when he's been healthy I still feel like that they for whatever reason Adam gays in the office staff just couldn't figure out how to utilize him the way Todd Haley in Pittsburgh steelers did when he was with the steelers last and so. This is what you get. You gotta you gotTa head coach who did not necessarily want to sign him and pay him type money that Mike McKenna did when he was a general manager. So there was a relationship problem that started way back when in Kinda. Came into where it is today will build at four o'clock eastern time. We'll be a free agent and assign with anybody chooses to side with which would probably be like the New England patriots and he'll go on to rush for twelve hundred yards. This year aren't head coach is supposed to be expert communicators. Is this a prerequisite that we. Know but this is a prerequisite that we have lost. We determine a head coach. Yeah. You might be able to come up with the best XS and OS. You might be a brilliant mind but how you? Those XS, and Os to your players, how you communicate your relationship to those players. That's a pretty important aspect or you attribute to be a coach and. All Star players that I've Seen Adam Gates interact with there seems to be a communications issue key. It's a consistent theme with who he is as a coach if that goes back to Jarvis Landry and his time with Miami where he tried to say, Hey, look I'm going to send you to the browns. If you don't get in line, you don't communicate to your star player that way and that's issues that happened with on bell earlier training camp when they got into their little bit of a feud. About taking them off the field during the scrimmage and Leon Bell going back at him via twitter. How do you work out that communication if that's with Damore Adams and I know that's more of a Joe Douglas issue but you could be the person to escalate that to how you're working with Sam. darnold there seems to be a consistent theme here with Adam Gates and I know I feel like it's a matter of time before it's gone. But somebody I got a call out for where it is now. Today's players you know the just these guys would say, right they communicated via social media. That's just today's players. For those that may not be aware currently, the jets GM welcome back to keyshawn Jalen Zubin coming live from above the Heineken river decade pier seventeen, and let's welcome in ESPN jets reporter Richard Amini on the Shell. Pennzoil performance line art rich just take me through and all of our listeners through. What happened yesterday minute by minute with the eventuality of him being released. First of all I WANNA say it would have been fascinating to cover keyshawn back with the jets if we had Social Media Ooh tell them. Tell them. I wouldn't have. I wouldn't have used social media. You know me residing give y'all anything. Well, keyshawn would just tell you to your face like he would decide it in the locker room how he felt. So at least I. Give Him Credit for that. He was accountable lady on going the the social media route but anyway to your question, Zubin Yeah I mean this like like you said I mean, Adam really didn't want to sign him because of the money involved. So that's never. A good way to start a relationship and there were a little brushfires over the last nineteen months in the last straw that breaking point was Sunday where he only got one target in the passing game against Arizona he has some passive aggressive activity on twitter liking. Some tweets that suggested he should be traded blew up the media and and what happened was on Monday he sat down with gas and Douglas. They talked it out and they all came to the conclusion that it was best to move on. They did try to trade him over the last two days. The contract was so enormous that he couldn't find to take her and at. The conclusion that they last night to release them. Let me let me ask you this rich in. You've been around team covering it obviously as be right for us here at ESPN. Why be stubborn in and I like to say stubborn hard headed as a head coach when you have a talent like lady on bill why not try to figure out like Todd Haley did at the Pittsburgh steelers, how to utilize his skillset in started trying to fit him into your system. Well you know. I disagree a little bit with that because I've watched him I mean Todd Haley did a good job with him. He also had a hall of fame quarterback and at the time he had a be who is clean out a lot of stuff. You know you know opening up the box per for on Iran against a lot of light boxes and Pittsburgh with the jets it was a lotta heavy boxes because we all know they don't have that kind of talent on the perimeter. So I I think it's unfair to dump it all on gays lack of production look at the stats at the analytics over the last two years later. There was no glimmer of like where he had one run where you could say, oh, there it is. That's the guy we've been looking for. There hasn't been those flashes. So I, I guess. Women we start getting some good news the jets organization. This seems to be a death about thousand cuts if it's Jamal Adams, forcing his way out if a slave eon bell, if it's what's going on. Sam. darnold windy who project to finally get something positive coming from the jets organization nothing on the horizon. That's for sure. I mean look it's it's the worst year and I bring up memory for Kisha. You know it reminds me a lot of ninety six. You know this is the first time. They are owned five since ninety six and there's some parallels going on ninety six team was had much more talent on it. Then the current team keyshawn I would agree with that and but right now I don't see any good news on the horizon they're gonNA lose. Almost every one of their games if not all their games and you know I think we'll probably have more locker room brush fries along the way. So is Adam Gates coming back next year to be the coach. No. I mean that that I would be shocked I mean I look I think Adams on a week right now they don't have by week week ten. if their own nine going into the bye after Monday night loss to the Patriots you know you could see something happened. Then I I don't make..

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