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To oak grove high school we are the bay area's news leaders eleven students at adults others when they got sick always and always locally right now we don't know what the material is that caused people to get sick we have a hazardous materials team inside that classroom trying to figure that out all news one six nine am seven forty kcbs news time twelve twenty one now world cup soccer may be making its way to the bay area and kcbs says jennifer hodges has more on a recent announcement from fee for every single game is going to be like a super bowl the us will be co hosting the world cup and twenty twenty six with mexico and canada i mean in terms of how many people are going to be there you're going to see just thousands of fans at the game it sold out crowds peter pan santa's family owned soccer pro and san jose they've been involved with the sport for twenty years big parking lot's full of events and things went on from san francisco to san jose backup to oakland i mean just going to be crazy in the area it's expected to be a big boost for the sport has sues madonna's was soccer crazy and campbell says it's been fun to see the popularity the sports surge for me it took me a wildfire near but now see these kids come out of nowhere so much skill athletics like wow unbelievable the announcement came as good news considering the men's team is missing this summer's world cup for the first time since nineteen eightysix jennifer hodges kcbs he was twenty five years ago this week and elderly woman was murdered in marin county home though suspects wherever found now kcbs is jeffrey schaub reports police are asking for the public to come forward with any information about the years old cold case that case made bay area headlines at the time ninety two year old grandmother stabbed to.

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