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So what do you think's GonNa Happen? Tally will Taiwan. Let him stay or they going to send him back to Beijing. I found him in part because Taiwanese media were debating about whether or not he should be allowed to stay past student visa expiry date. But the reason why this debate has taken an extra level of intensity is because the fears of a rising China have completely swept Taiwan and the fear that jumbo therefore might be a spy. Sent by Beijing are At a real high. Oh spy that's That that immediately the tenor of the debate is easiest by yes. And how does that strike you like play out the most believable version of the narrative? Where he's a spy he. This is a young student who seems completely innocent. And therefore blameless who has professed loyalty to the kind of democratic and humanistic principles that Taiwanese people have embraced freedom of speech rule of law. One vote one person but he's actually a sheep disguise in Wolf's clothing. He will use this exploit to stay in. Taiwan recruit others and then pass on sensitive information or help. Chinese agents infiltrate Taiwanese institutions On behalf of the Chinese Communist Party that is the greatest fear One of the big arguments for why people are suspicious. Allegiant is he live streamed himself at Taiwan's university. There is an identical university with the same name in Beijing. They're not affiliated but they have the same name people automatically assumed he was in Beijing mainland China on a college campus. Somewhere saying this very controversial staff and thought he was incredibly brave. Then he said. Oh I'm actually in Taiwan where there is freedom of speech and people immediately thought that he was doing for show and also the university that he livestream from was different than the one. He was attending as an exchange student. Right so he would have had to go to this other university. That happened to have the same name is the one in Beijing. Yes and the second thing that made people really suspicious was his accent. His accent didn't sound like someone who grew up in mainland China as he did actually sounded a little bit Taiwanese but not quite and so people were saying was he trained somewhere to sound like he's Taiwanese and somehow trick people into thinking that he's from here and the third thing. Thomas Dwayne the trip ocean without quit which I'm not really didn't make sense to me. It was just how detached he sounded when he talked about his life back in China that he suddenly had to leave behind. The seniors. Though Howard is oddly unemotional about the fact that he has not seen his parents and likely will not see his parents ever again. Why did that seem to what one thing? That was very hard for me to wrap my mind around when I first moved to. China is that people kept saying to me. Were so glad that you've moved back to China but I've never lived in China. It was just that I looked Chinese that my parents were trainees. And thus that somehow conferred this Intrinsic Trainees identity to me people. Also say that about their hometowns in China like even if you weren't born in a place if your parents are from a place your ancestral home has always been this particular place. That is considered your home. Even if you've never spent any substantial.

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