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Cloud michael dell sees more consolidation in the industry and the reason is that customers actually don't want to have a whole bunch of small companies that they work with and there are our deep technical reasons why these things should be more integrated i'm karen moskow bloomberg business on wbz newsradio 1030 wbz news time three thirty nine days after hurricane maria pounded the island of puerto rico with authorities is starting to see ran the scope of the devastation left the us territory off the grid correspondent dick valencia reports this was an epic storm no clean running water in some cases the infrastructure has been decimated beyond recognition in some parts hospitals have been ruined the people are having trouble getting food in some cases lease ten people were killed bond maria own puerto rico the effects of maria of already being felt along the east coast of the southern part of the us the southeastern states cbs's jim crow suited with more i'm jim krasula north carolina swells from hurricane maria are causing safety concerns along the coast of the southeastern us more than two dozen people had to be helped from the rough surf at rights ville beachell alone were john mody is with the ocean rescue service prayed kurds or the only threat that i think about on rise when we are the only war threat maria will churn up water's along the east coast from georgia to the mid atlantic most of this week jim krasula cbs news greensboro north carolina german chancellor angela merkel handily winning a fourth term today both that victory soured by the entry of islamophobic guard right party to the ball all of into germany and prospects of tough coalition talks news bbc correspondent jerry hill in berlin the farright is now going to the va in the german parliament for the first time since the second world war there's a real change in the tone that the substance of german politics we've we've seen that on the campaign trail with michael being huckle that not something that happens in a traditional election campaign half major jewish jewish groups are expressing laura man dismay that the yet he migrated alternative for germany has won seats in the.

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