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Now back to our show with Scott Galloway. All right, Scott that was the overplayed so and it's not overplayed by any stretch. But what's the most under reported story this week? So I think a pretty big deal is that apple has decided to officially distribute there. I phones on Amazon that isn't big deal. I didn't get attention. You're right. It did not. Yeah. Yeah. So effectively one of the keys to building a brand is your distribution right air, mas- doesn't distribute WalMart Levi's, red tab won't even distribute through JC Penney's, they'll or actually dependence, but they won't distribute through orange tab through different points distribution because you wanna lineup right aspirin. Macy's won't carry anything. That's Sears distribution has a big impact on a consumer's perception of your brand. And apple the ultimate luxury. Brand is now on. On Amazon, and that's a big move. I believe I believe that. It's another signal that apple has jumped the shark peak. Apple really, okay. I mean good if you were to say, what is the most value accretive decision in the history of business. Most people would say it's Apple's introduction of the iphone the rocket ship that took him to a trillion. I think they I think they get the brand right? But the decision wrong, I think the ultimate gangster moved here. The created the first trillion dollar company was Apple's decision to take literally billions of dollars out of broadcast advertising actually under index on advertising and deport into this dying medium called stores, and they have made these just temples to the brain. That are just they're just mind blowing in terms of how good they are. And how good you feel about him happy apple store just in their wonderful. And then if you buy.

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