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Feels like there should have been some kind of imaging. They're coming back in any way. Our two on this Friday edition of Drive Time Sports Brian Kaufman with you Pleased to have you along. One of the undercurrents of today's show is that we are running through. As many sports as we possibly can today. You know, we do call ourselves extra sports 1300. I am kind of an eclectic guy when it comes to my sports interests, And today, it just kind of aligned with some of the things going on. That I could have an eclectic group of gas that would talk about a variety of of sports. Uh, so far. If you're just joining us We have talked. Basketball, hockey, baseball, tennis, cycling and soccer. That's just one hour. Talking UFC, with Scott Kanevsky coming up in a little less than 20 minutes. Your thoughts. Always welcome at 522987 to let me get to some of those, Uh Brett Wants to do his part. Have no idea what that name is. I think it's made up. Says. During his Jarvela Mosque e plus 1600 in the United States Professional Badminton League semi finals. He's back from his suspension for doctoring the shuttlecock. He's pissed. Lock it in. All right. I'm not even gonna do the research to see if you're lying. I think you're lying. And none of that is real. But you know what it counts. I mentioned bad mitten on the air. So thank you, Brett for contributing. We are now up to 123456. Seven different sports. And soon to be eight. On a more real note, though. From Brett, he says, talking about the The viral video that has gone around with Monty Williams, where he's writing DeAndre in his face, Just giving him the Best coaching. They said. Great clip. I said it reminded me of Hoosiers and Brad says, Remind me of Hoosiers, too, because, he said, uh, I also had a Hoosiers flashback. During that speech. Only it was eighties drunk dad stumbling onto the court slurring run the picket fence. Now see, it would have been. I mean, I understand why use it. But what about sons and four guy sons and four guy? Drunkenly stumbles onto the court and yells run the picket fence. China was the picket fence wasn't that last I'm trying to remember. Wasn't that where they Pat 10 times. They pass it around the perimeter. The sons dead. Isn't that kind of like what the picket fence was on Hoosiers. Mm. Steve says show some respect to a team has more NBA championships than the Nuggets. Wait a minute. Who am I disrespecting? I'm not disrespecting anybody. Just simply said that the sons are not The greatest team in the history of basketball, and the Bucks aren't the worst team in the history of basketball, but that's what it looks like so far. Steve says, told you destiny for Chris Box need more firepower. But I mean, I feel like they've built up their roster about as well. This is not see this thing. The Bucks may not be better than the Phoenix Suns. That's not what I'm trying to say here. But the Bucks were one of the best teams. In all of basketball. They have Chris Middleton. Have drew holiday. They have firepower. They're not even showing off any of the firepower outside of Yannis. So what I would like to see is Chris Middleton. Andrew Holiday actually contribute. And then for us to have a discussion. About How good these two teams are. But look, I said this going into The finals or it was When both teams were on the cusp of clinching a spy in the NBA Finals. Because it was right before Yannis got hurt, But I said You know, for all the talk about Injuries. Anthony Davis, Jamal Murray, Donovan Mitchell. Why Leonard? James Harden. Kyrie Irving, Man, This list is long. With all of that talk. At least we were going to get an NBA finals. Where will know who's better. This team in the NBA finals or that team in the NBA finals. As we were getting sons and box and at the time there were no major injury issues for either of them. And probably the next game. Yannis hyper extends his knee and then you're like, Oh, now we're it's going to continue. Well credit. To be honest, the dude healed. So One thing that you cannot say after these two games is that the sons Are somehow beating a lesser than bucks team because of Yannis is injury. The dude is held like Game one. He wasn't quite at the height of his powers, but he had been off for a week. Last night. Don't know how Yannis could have been better. And and for that, I'm glad I hope that the box figure something out in Milwaukee to at least extend this series, and I won't have I don't have a dog in the fight here. Sons can win, and I think there are a great story with Chris Paul and Monty Williams and Everything but sons and four guy and then the box. Yeah, honest. Finally breaking through smaller market in Milwaukee. They're a great story. Great story either way. I'm not really leaning one way or another in terms of who I want to win. I mean, the Chris Paul story kind of Feels like the most sentimental But if you want this wins his first title.

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