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Thank you. And I saw the story is morning when I was getting ready to his show at choke me up. I mean incredible story he's thirty one years old. He was deployed to Iraq in two thousand eight Afghanistan in two thousand nine lead machine. Gunner in something called the lava Dawes division. First battalion third marines based out of Hawaii. He's a guy that runs he has PTSD and has something called survivor's guilt as well. He said this my wounds that I wear my battle scars that I have are as a result of those two things one way of coping is to run into honor them because they're not here anymore, and he can't run anymore. Just I'm their names and their family. That's still here. It was his third marathon. He's not a lightweight runner. He finished the pro football hall of fame marathon in two hours and fifty nine minutes. That's an incredible time especially for someone who's dealing with some of the issues he's dealing with. But when I saw the video you can check it out just Google his name mica M, h Herndon H E R N D O N from Ohio a marine. Finished the Boston marathon his legs gave out at mile twenty two but he finished anyway. And he was angry about the fact that he couldn't he wasn't going to qualify for the New York marathon. Well, as you just heard on that piece by Robin Roberts. They did the right thing. And they said, you know, what you're the kind of wanting our marathon. I love to bring stories like that to the show because it's, you know, meeting gets beat up, but sometimes immediate does some really great work and kudos to Robin Roberts of ABC for for that interview and really tip of the hat to Mike Herndon marine. Cervo overseas in war zones, dealing with the issues that a lot of folks that have gone through that that experience have dealt with PTSD survivor's guilt. Anywheres the names of three of his friends comrades who were part of his experience in in his service on his shoes as he runs the marathon. So very close story, Robin Roberts ABC..

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