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Go to WTO P dot com and search small business September and check out the ebook today. 9 28. Traffic and weather on the 8s, let's check things out with Jack and the traffic center. Okay, for the most part, we're really almost delay free on the beltway through Maryland and Virginia. We were a little heavy in Maryland, topside outer loop, around colesville road headed toward George avenue. No delays in prince George's county. You're fine moving in Virginia between Alexandria and mcclain should find your lanes open. Now back in Maryland, we had a little heavy traffic south on the bottom of Washington Parkway. Just passing one 97, 95 is looking good both ways between the beltways, two 70, and you pretty much cleared out between Bethesda and Frederick north and southbound, 75 up in amesville, north of three 55 near price road. We'd had a reported crash. Also earlier inbound suitland park winning a branch avenue, there was a wreck You're in good shape in Virginia, 66 at a Gainesville east, a little bit heavy passing one 23, then again, as you approach the beltway, there was a record not least treat V dot in the tow truck I think we're arriving They very melt at this point, yep, did grab that far right lane at the scene of the crash 66 east near nutley where everything was over on that right shoulder. You'll find 95 south near Dale City, a work zone is going to take that left lane. There was an earlier wreck in Centreville, was on 28 south bay at I 66, watching authorities are still there. All right, our issue in the district is in northwest. The closure of rock creek Parkway. Southbound diverts in Virginia avenue, northbound, up near Parkway drive, all the police investigation ongoing up at the Kennedy Center. Jack Taylor WTO P traffic. The forecast now with Mike stiffer. There's a dense fog advisory until ten this morning for the district that close in suburbs and for areas east of 9 95. So some low clouds and fog will continue to be a problem over the next several hours later they partly to mostly sunny and mild, our

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