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So does somebody want to be pauline? Does someone want to be pauline? Yes I will take pauline. What what have you been giving pauline? She's been a bit British. Yes British. Because he's very posh deep deep got slow take it but I can doing outlines her. What are you. What are your options? What do you mean this? Let's see what I need a volunteer for this for this scene. Who's WHO's talking to pauline. Where you'll find that out a moment you oh I also you gin elsia. I can do this more British. See what I can do. Just sound like Nick Offerman a little bit little bit little bit trying and trying really hard home and any okay. Oh that was not bad. Reminding Grainger Okay I can do this. Continue so Pauline Watch. It watches is watching the race from a luxury suite Along with several other rich and powerful citizens of neo bowser city and someone comes up behind her He is an incredibly overweight man with a broad thin lipped mouth And Pauline knows that this man is wart the CEO absorb gone. Where all where where Was that kind of sped up Java. Is that maybe maybe Which you might remember sub con is where the Mario Brothers. I entered about city the basement where they met all the fans He's holding a big plate full of food from a snack. Buffet Are they radishes? And you know I'm getting are they. Radishes I'll get real tired of you guys caller. My shots like early weight. Aren't they radish? Morio to that. There's a on the plate. It is along some of the foods but anyway like God like like right when I say like power Washer and that one episode agencies just like like flood like flood like the Romario. The game been is that is that what he got anyway So WORK COMES UP BEHIND. Pauline and and says pauline. How's life treating you? Oh Lord it's going great. Has Life treating you not really supposed to talk about it? But I've got a brig new contract really. You wouldn't talk about it to me. You know you're always a linen ear for borough Irag or to you a it's a a military contract and military contract do tell. I'm not sure if I should not referred to part pardon me. Pardon me Shat Madame. Would you calf some drinks from the bar? When the I'd say. No thank you spike. Matt Madam Madam Drinks. I am good right now but if you wouldn't mind coming back in a few minutes please. Once the gentleman has left. Rut that later. They want Drake's later. But what would your poison be later? Madame some nice clean water as usual hot water or as you begin to asking a drink. Orders suddenly starts to choke on something And he like snaps his fingers at at you and a like like the Shisha kit overhead. How this Fraga Dickman set you up to make him Iki. And you're going to make him seasonal shit backup. Iggy that the frogs choking kept help make give him the Heimlich maneuver. It's not actually a frog. He's just listen. He looks like a frog a big fat frog. When are you going to help it? Do I need to come and get over here? Yeah look is the highly let s and I'm going to hold him in. You hit him in the Front. She is going to walk around and and highly him in The little little bit of a critics say that he was working comes out of his mouth and he goes. Thank you thank you well. You know. I've always been allergic to vegetables. I know but it is so top notch to eat them. Isn't it it is. It is by the way by the way I've done a lot of research for this. And like you beat wart in Barrio. Brothers to buy just like shoving a vegetables into him that he chokes to death. Like it's the weirdest thing I mean. That's how you defeat me too but what please tell me all about all of you exciting endeavors near know how much I want to be regaled by them. I live for this information. Should I leave? I'M GONNA I'M GONNA go after saying it. I'm just GONNA go. I'll be back later with you with your water. All right thank you bye. Come on money you spend on your can. I take that remain contracts from the The big man himself It's a column Fantomas. Ou Santos tell me all about citing cutting edge stuff some may took or army really pulling the strings to you because it seems like bowser wouldn't need an army The city's pretty well under under his control with the forces he has now. They're not at war with anyone except for you and he doesn't need to be you so an army. That's really exciting. Did He tell you what the army's for we haven't been at war in quite some time. Twenty five years right yes. Yes doesn't feel like things have gotten a little stagnant since. Then what do you mean? The world's got a larger recently. I think is what I want to say. I suppose got another fun secret in my basement. Lou. Tell me all about it. You know how much I love this. And he pulls out something from his jacket and it looks like a photograph aunt. And it's just like a polaroid photograph and it's of a big green pipe and it seems remarkable at first but it takes it takes you a second to remember the legends of pipe. That's not supposed to be real a pipe that goes to other places. She was in the room when they were talking about how they came here through a pipe. What were they talking about that in front for sure? So what is? Pauline is like internal thought at this moment. He is getting an army so that he can attack earth..

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