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Would take place at our state capital here in Sacramento. I think the protests I'm gathering around the slogan Stop the steel right as I understand it. Yeah, of course, contesting the election, so We'll be following that for you, too, as well, much more, But right now it's traffic and weather together and we'll start with Keith Casing. Has Dr baseball coach on third base. Maybe about stopping this steel e think it's usually a wave off. Brought to you by saying, county. I think Sacramento County public Health right now, downtown to display is gonna be about Ma'an. Nine minutes. Maybe even hate. It Looks really good. Westbound. Not so good from the curve all the way. The river pretty heavy. Split the Roosevelt, eight minutes and 11 minutes. Sound. Tell Groban I find 14 minutes on 99 to heavy traffic. They're down about 47th. If you're North Valley, it's really sluggish. Coming up from Mac to fruit rich because of it earlier problem going to Folsom 19 minutes eastbound 50 not bed. 16 minute, Right. The woodland North on I five and nine minutes get you out to Davis Sand makes Boulevard on westbound 80 give the gift of a healthier, safer holiday season. Help keep your loved ones safe by getting tested for covert 19 wearing a mask, physical, distancing and avoiding large gatherings visit Sat County koba dot coms Learn more Jaffa gone. The tens, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons. Dana has news 93.1 kfbk. Tonight we'll see. Increasing amounts of clouds and areas of late night falls will reach a low tonight 37 to 41. That bug will continue into tomorrow morning. Otherwise variable clouds of passing shower in the afternoon.

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