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He has a chance to reach his 10th Super Bowl. And it comes late Sunday at Lambeau. Will be prepared. You know, the team that plays the best Gonna win, not the team, then is the coldest or, you know we're going to go out there and play well and could be challenged and it's gonna be breaking. As for yesterday, Brady threw for two scorers ran for another. All three coming off ST turnovers. Four takeaways total for Bruce Arians defense. This is what we're capable of playing defensively. We've had some rough spots of time, but we've got some really, really good times. And this is one of those socks. A 30 20 victory in the Superdome breeze responsible for three of those four turnovers. You heard him in the cold. Oh, but it'll take some time to satisfy future but there were a few things yesterday. It certainly Seem to confirm that he is done. Bucks Packers is the second game on Sunday Chiefs bills his first Casey in that one partially Because it's shad Henny. That's why I'm here, You know, come in prepared. There's a lot of great players around me that made me feel confident. And, you know, just went in there and try to take what the defense gave me and make some plays. Case Backup QB played most of the second half of the Patrick Mahomes suffered a concussion, he and the defense able to hold off the Browns, 20 to 17 and Arrowhead head. He's third down. Scramble is fourth down, completion to Tyree Kill. I'm going to live in chief's lure. Mahomes, meanwhile, and Andy Reid boasted postgame the QB was feeling good. Now that coaching news the Chargers have hired Rams defensive coordinator Brandon Staley as you approach this. Mm hmm. How about this? Stanley was not on anybody. Short list of head coaching candidates. Well, I mean up until the season India and I think he interviewed like all these guys interviewed for every single job, But here's a dude who wasn't in the NFL until 2017 he has two years in Chicago. He follows Vic Fangio to Denver coach is one year there becomes the Rams D C this year, and now he's the Chargers head coach. And all of that it's Saturday was this is Brian tables job and people were loving the idea of table and Herbert and all of a sudden, Staley's got it. That's what I'm talking about. I mean, people were kicking around the ideas of Marvin Lewis and Jim Caldwell in these re tread names, and we were talking about Bill cower earlier in the year, and Brian David was the hot coordinator and nobody had The one year first year Rams defensive coordinator from John Carroll University as the next charges, head coach and amazing rise. It should be noted when Aaron Rogers was 15 and one we talked about him not getting that home NFC Championship game that year. Staley was the Hutchinson Community College defensive coordinator. That was a big year for that much. What a rod. He's all right. It's amazing One year now I I've read some things about him and his players love him. Maybe even Jalen Ramsey loves him. And Jalen Ramsey is not an easy sell. You imagine? Agility ranches like this dude's head coach. I love he's gonna be great. So they're calling him like this Shawn McVeigh of the defense of defense. But what a rise and then the Lions bugs get to this. Yep, they're gonna hire Saint's assistant head coach Dan Campbell. That one's not gonna gonna get in coaching job. He's been a head coach before. Yeah, it was a head coach into Rome. For what? 11 games. Yeah, I think so. For my I had to suffer through one of those games. I went to go watch the Dolphins in Tennessee. It was dead campus first year and I had to suffer through the Dan Campbell debut, boy. Fight, by the way all these flashy hires all over the place, and of course, it's just typical lions that have the most unsexy hire of the whole group. Well, what's the most amazing thing about this is he's not a coordinator. He's never been a coordinator. He doesn't handle the offense or the defense. He's just the head coach, So I mean, he better be really good at motivations every really, really awesome at time out usage. Envy. A last night, The pelicans outscored the King's 1 28 1 23 to snap a five game skin the Clippers to care. The Pacers 1 29 96 in the Jazz fought off the Nuggets 109105 in the NHL. The Panthers beat the Blackhawks five to college shoots number 20 Virginia Tech, a 64 60 win at Wake Forest and on the women's side. Huh? Colorado took down top rank Stanford 77 72 in overtime. It's the program's first ever win over number one d a back to you. Very good. Thank you, folks when we come back here on the show A NFL divisional round playoff weekend. Momentous Monday D,.

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