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Well! We had a discussion. We had a discussion. Who is pushing for. These things don't happen government unless somebody wants something done. If something that is being done is draconian of noxious, that means that there's a Jacobean and obnoxious, horrible public official that's pushing to give government the ability to go in and break into peoples, houses and enforce all of these orders because they hear that somebody sneezed one too many times. And for people who think that that's an exaggeration, we have seen through the wretched behavior of many public health officials. Just, how God awful, some of these people are in Milwaukee. You still have what he's about. How many people can go into bars and restaurants? You still have government coming in pushing people around these are goon squads. Some of these public health director showed exactly how. Rationalizing that we're doing it. In the name of public health, how obtrusive they actually are, and we also learned from this that they are willing to act even when they don't know what they're talking about. Virtual they every public health official in America. Has Ron from the beginning and when they change up their coping strategies wrong again. Ron Ron, Ron Ron Ron and rock so that Italy restricting liberties. Public Health restricting liberties, but they've been wrong and doing other basis of bad information. They should be given zero trust whatsoever you talk about defunding police. We'd be better off defunding every public health department in the United States, and just leaving it to people themselves to figure out how to handle their public health, rather than empowering some of these fascists that have been running around and behaving just terribly. And for people who say that that's extreme reaction. Fact let me move and transition to the Kelly about county topic. We've been alluding to this Kellyanne county situation because. I would say of all the law. Enforcement Agencies in the State of Wisconsin that have been the most despicable the dealing with. The Kobe lockdown. What happened? McCarthy was by far the worst at a terrible reflection on. The sheriff. County that he hasn't chosen to do anything about it as we know that Tony put it place this lockdown order across the state of Wisconsin during the time that it was still enforce. The by County Sheriff send out a couple of his deludes somebody's house because they heard that. Her daughter was going to somebody. Else's house at the Qatar had that her little daughter Fred come over to the house the sort of thing that. Unless you're a law enforcement officer, who's a total jackass? You look the other way of at. Unless we're just not America anywhere where kids can go over and visit other kid, simply because one dark of governor is misreading the whole coalpit situation. Now I would make it clear. In most communities police didn't respond this badly I've been riding East Troy because they're police chief responded badly. It's another community where they've done nothing to clip. The wings of the police chief who responded to the situation as badly as they did there, there was an there was a way in fact, interestingly, enough I think Milwaukee Police, it very very good wooded that area with regard to call, but I didn't hear. Many instances of people have in their doors Baghdad because. You know some little kid in the central city was over at a friend's house in the kind of garbage that went on in Kalama County, but that was an eye opening experience in which we realized that..

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