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Hey, it's been a fun ride, hasn't it kids? Incredible Hulk actually tells a really big story that is the culmination of events that have been happening in the Bill Matt Low, written Ron Today, but I think it stands fairly well on its own terms of because it does have some future relevance, and it's kind of just an interesting thing that we haven't really seen quite this way with Hawk before so again written by bill man low art by salvage Chamois. Jerry talk colors by Bob Sharon letters by Jim Novak Edits. Carl Potts. Say on this show. I think I've I've delivered quite a few bill. MANT low blows to the gas. Yes, like this. A lot was quite good like I. Think the issue. We've read of his so far. I think so, and it made me wish that I had read this before because I would not have put in. What if forty five because? What if forty find? Out here in a much more interesting way, you would have cut cut the Dean's list. Even without this I. Wish I wish I put in what if forty-six which is much superior issue. Seriously everyone should go read. What if forty-six? That issues fascinating? What was the topic again I? Know You told me what if what if aunt may died instead of Uncle Ben Right? It's really good the way that place that is fascinating so in hall three hundred. He is rampaging through. Through New York. City and basically the the big thing here is hawks intelligence unit. He had become Professor Hulk. Find Him right. We got to the point where like he tr- Bruce Banner transformed the Hulk but retained his intelligence, and that has been devolving. We see that secret wars a bit where he's. He's losing some of that right and he's getting mad and as hulk. It's Matt, wheel. Wheel what happens by the time we get to three hundred. He's through raging brutal monster right and he has raging through new. York City for all to see. We're kind of seeing him at his most publicly destructive. You know like there's not there's not a huge like miscommunication. There's not a huge like. Oh, he's destroying things, but there's a reason it's Kinda, just hulk as the threat you. You know and not to go mile to meet your on you, but it's kind of that vision of him that we that Mark Miller and Bryan Hitch would tap into in in the first arc, Walton. That's right. He's like this is a monster who can actually be scary, which isn't say this comic is scary, but that's the threat. Heroes have to stop him because he's dangerous. In order to do that, the heroes have to come to some new ideas before we get to those Zach any thoughts in addition to that as far as like the way, the action plays out like all the heroes getting involved anything that stuck with you from that. Yeah I mean I think this was really sick. Oh, well the arts, which Emma cell so okay yet really good art. I think he does a job of being able. Able to like draw all these characters. It's really colorful I. Think it's really engaging art, which also not to dunk on West Coast. avengers too much..

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