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Falcon hockey last night the falcons thoroughly dominated this colonial team en route to a two nothing shut up victory was airforce of sport great it was a victory for our forces snapped a four game losing weight a winning streak rather with the colonials had going forward the date it was the best the most games with their four hockey team has played all season and maybe in a while going back to last year also really is Jane yeah we talked about that last night Frank touched on in the coaches talk to the team about that exact same thing you look back at even the in the last season going back awhile that was a complete game in every sense of the word the goaltender Ellie killing was fabulous the nap to make the save when he had to he was there to make the big words but he core was terrific physical they got shots on goal really the only thing they didn't do was score on the power play the penalty kill was terrific so they did it in all aspects of the game now if the test reports is can they do that again in French challenge the team this morning in in the meeting as a team can we do that again each individual person can you be the same guy that you were last night and that's what we'll look for tearing down I thought Joe Doyle the associate head coach made a good point when he talked about Atlantic hockey like of other a lot of other leagues in college hockey a split league leading one cable when one night one people want another night and we've seen that happen if you go back to last week when reports have the bye week there was a game last week today I see one well put nothing over Marcy Hirsch and then the next day Mercyhurst came back to being a I see it over time you can't take anything for granted airforce itself through the tables on Sacred Heart a few weeks back take but are currently dominating airports on Friday night now please come back and win on Saturday you see that a lot more you know throughout the years of of airforce popular Lana cocky and all the championship there for food one the reason they've got the most position is they get points every single night you get a when you get it hi this year a thought there could be shoot out wins and some other things but if you can find ways to get points every single night at the end of the season you're gonna find yourself in a proper position for a buy in their portion right there early in the season and they come out and get points on this thing could I add a corset it doesn't matter which word what level do you play at it's hard to sweep anybody in the hockey or in any sport review we have a chance to sweep all this Robert Morris they were in first place coming in the last night and at eight one seven out of conference play and they didn't just happen to fall into that no they they really didn't and I think we're gonna see a completely different team and you know that Derek school is going to have his guys ready to play they've got a great goaltender airforce got through it with a couple of breakaways that's one of the things we watch from Robert Morris they're good enough on airforce not let's move forward to get behind them because both goals that they gave up we're on break away thinking about five of them in last night's game if they control.

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