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Menards. Nobody beats our prices. So you can save big money on all of our lawn care products spectra side, we'd stop for launch kills more than four hundred times of weeds without hurting your lawn right now, you can get a forty ounce bottle or a thirty two ready to spray bottle of we'd stop for lawns your choice. Four ninety nine each class. Menards gift card is perfect for mother's day. Stop in and saved through may fifth during the Menards spring catalog sale. Celebrate what is arguably the most famous and exciting horse race in the world with the official bourbon of the Kentucky Derby Woodford reserve who invites you to join the phone of derby day at Arlington international racecourse, and for a chance to visit the track in ally into the Woodford reserve sweepstakes, and you could win a suite at Arlington international race track. This July to answer text W R, suite two six eight four zero five or visit go dot Woodford. Reserve dot com slash W R sweet your friends at good reserve, a great derby season and hope you enjoy Woodford. Reserve mint julep during the oldest and passed a sporting event held in may for fissile rules, visit dot Woodford. Reserve dot com slash W. R sweet must be twenty one. Tanzer legal resident in the state of Illinois where prohibited deadlines June sixteenth twenty nineteen at eleven fifty nine PM eastern. Text message rates apply service available in all areas. Xtop to quit Kentucky straight bourbon, whiskey. Forty five point two percent. AFC by volume the Woodford. Reserve distillery Kentucky twenty nineteen crafted carefully. Drink responsibly..

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