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Well, some of that must be true, otherwise it wouldn't be out there. Well, I mean, I did have barbecue for lunch today. So I'll say that you just proved my point, and I did send you a picture one time of f one fifty two fifty three fifties. And a six fifty. See on parking lot. Speaking parking, lots place holds a seventy thousand cars on the property. So do they have valet? I'm not sure that they're not. But you know, that's really good that we segue that will we're really good at this. I pounced. It does have LA is Cowboys stadium. I would imagine in Arlington, Texas how flu fee? You can fit four of those things inside the team. Did you know that? Yeah. Well, it's you know, it's tiny. Yeah. That'd be weird. If we had four football games going on at the same time inside the track. They should do that. It's Bruton Smith on track. He's not above doing weird stuff. Like that is pretty unconventional his guy. Eddie Gossage around the place. He's very unconventional said. But pretty cool unconventional. It's a one and a half mile track. Banking. How did this happen again, less banking and turns one and two? Oh, yeah. At twenty degrees. Three and four twenty four degrees. I need to rewrite these or something. I don't know what this next thing is Murphy as we're going through the show. So that's that's right brunch. Stretches twenty to fifty backstretch thirteen thirty Cup race three hundred thirty four laps your five hundred one mile stages. Look like this eighty five one seventy and three thirty four last year's winner was Kevin Harvick and the spring. Winter was Kyle Busch. Check out all the action y'all Sunday three pm eastern on NBC..

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