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Yeah i mean listen michael jordan's hall of fame speech she was still testing tom's driven guy tom i'm lost a super bowl tom probably hates his off season when mario manningham and david tyree mak catch or they lose tom's probably pissy all off season those tom's really happy and stays an extra week in costa rica when element makes the catch or malcolm butler intercept russell wilson tom's off season has been that of a superstar who lost a huge game he's been at times you know a little unhappy he seems to have gotten over it seemed he markham coat malcolm code one guy's name the other guy is just coach coach he's he's been with this guy for eighteen years and you don't think he ever caused him bill when they're on better terms again i like the ways handling the off season because somebody needs to put some pressure on bill belichick and tom brady is about the only guy that can do it and so i'm glad he's kept the ota's i'm glad he's talking about this very publicly he's basically trying to shame bella check into an explanation because owl's patriots fans and the fifty three guys on that team and the ownership and the season ticket holders bella check needs to explain that damn decision because he called him coach if i'm on tv saying my co host my co host instead of chinese people would be like what's not i'm really i'm perfectly fine with that we have this this idea of what we think quarterbacks in how quarterbacks to carry themselves all throughout their career and tom brady up until this point has always been that that trademark.

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