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Record was nine eight again. The guy had a huge advantage or may not the matters but he was very skinny. Very Tall. Tom. You know in in in his lung capacity total lung capacity was almost apple. Who was pretty extraordinary sunny. That's that doesn't matter but anyway I thought somehow what I saw was by living in the sphere. Just lie decided to do the scare before by Living. There would acclimate become condition. But also I thought that ice by not eating for that amount of time metabolic rate would slow down and suddenly be able to hold my breath much longer. That's what I was hoping for but it does doesn't really why started cracking stuff away so it doesn't really work like that. Then I went back trained. The Bureaucracy Jin hypothetical record at that time was ten minutes. No real visuals on its. I started training to static apnea breath holding oxygen. So I got my first. Try and add a bunch of friends. There that word up nor basketball surging doctors owners when they saw that I was under for fifteen minutes. Nothing they pulled me out because in their mind is like the body candidate order that that's not also and I was like. Why did you do that? Spine in came in with pulmonary expert with telemetry and everything attached. I had done a twenty minute and two seconds breath. Hold before the Oprah One which seventy four twenty minutes in to second breath heart rate dropped it a beats per minute and they've never seen that and so they pulled me out once again. I was like why he do that. They were like 'cause you're about to go into cardiac Cardiac DEBT I was like perfectly fine. The body does things it adjusted adapts. And I don't know if there's something to just accepting the situation riding through the Alps but it was. It was pretty amazing so when I had to do the world record which Tom Z. Posted right before I mean he went on Regis killing it to sixteen thirty two from hypothetical. Thirteenth Nasdaq okay. Got Analysis so I got twenty so I felt like when I do override. Be Okay getting to the seventeen sixteen thirty two in Longworth fold. What is what are the phases of what's going on mentally you want to? Ideally it silly but you WanNa keep your eyes closed. You WanNA do your your brain takes a lot of energy so you WanNa Kinda minimize on everything just to preserve. Oh to want to shut everything down as much as possible that I do is I just I. I used to be Al Bank of names visit. All different places absorbs drift onto the ocean going into the abyss of the oceans. Kind of go all over them when so when I did it on stage and stuff like that much show. I didn't do that move. I go upside down but going down. I realized this Dini's through it upside down and I realized why I think he was doing this. Because if you think about the way mammals that are underwater creatures. They big breath in. They died this way. So if you think about it when you're upside down at first. Your lungs aren't forcing the air out there forcing it's that physician is going into lung so it's like. Ibm upside down in is a much easier position. Hold your breath. The only getting their takes energy even getting out of it. When I'm upside down in the water tank I kinda relaxed on the skirt asleep. Knock go to sleep. I mean go to that place just didn't make sense. So what was the last one will after that? When I got really cocky and Mike trainer working on it's like can never do a stunt that you'd have to prepare for you need to do it and understand what you're doing. I did this upside down thing and I figured I'd done like six hours of Sagawa's thing I can do sixty hours upside down to six hours. I've been dry upside down for. I like you know nightmare among side down anyway that that was a disaster of disaster. Shut down for a long time. Did stop national that with the electricity whereas in a Tesla Coil. Seventy three hour standing up which was really hard as expansion of the ankles start for risk through the metal chain mail. Faraday seat I was wearing and you know one time and I had electric water. Our strength spitted out the ARK it. The water went for Lasted from my heart. And even I think I'd burn marks on my toes so that that was a really really difficult one in the last one I did at my daughter was born like not doing anything anymore. Like this done so I just went back to the magic stuff. Thought something I've been working on. It's been that has been so fun. Can Amazing Right now. I'LL REC- we're just working out dreaming about playing with it. Thank you but there is one that I love this. The opposite it's not about you know survive on it. It's more about the opposite. End the best more about our tree and beauty and things like that. Hopefully they still even in the shows that I've seen I've seen you do stuff. We still end up being in a tank water for a really long time right. Well Yeah I mean I. Can't I love those things I love and to me? How's that magic me? That's the real magic to me. It's like the bodies capable doomed things that we can't even imagine that the body was standard. Do that's magic. A human can go without air for twenty minutes and two seconds are now the records twenty four minutes three seconds. That's magic as the body. Do that any of the things that you've done Just think about any techniques or anything that you've learned that are helpful in terms of people who were facing struggle. I think rule number one is accept everything just the way it is so as well number one and then try everything in your power to understand and to solve for what the best possible approach to fixing the situations. I think a lot of it starts with like correcting little things that you can manage. Ourself Beautiful Ben. Thank you for telling me stories. Thank you thanks again. David Blaine for jumping on Zoom Polish. Rick gave his latest special the magic way aired on ABC earlier this month check on ABC DOT COM for details. Broken record is producing help from Jason Gambro meal about Lia Rose Matt Loboda Martine Gonzales pushing industry. I think he's expecting beats. I'm just in Richmond..

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