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I. twenty west at Lee road traffic brought you by positive coaching alliance questions about use our high school sports positive coaching alliance can help PCA and national nonprofit organization develops better athletes and better people through youth and high school sports info at positive coach dot org triple team traffic ninety five point five WSP those kind of like it on your audition what everyone Stacey Abrams jointer Joe Biden at a town hall on MSNBC last night at the five day forecast how long has summer gonna linger here WSB do times six thirteen plumbers electricians and expert HVAC techs this is Dave Baker was some good news if this covered nineteen mess is messing with you all right Mr plumber and bright box electrical are hiring right now if safety and customer service comes first and you want to work for a company with industry leading benefits are great on call program and career growth opportunities now is your time to act it's possible some good can come from all this cool right Mr plumber bright box electrical hiring now equal opportunity employers hi Rick Adelman here join me this Saturday for the answers to all your questions on investments planning for retirement getting your kids into college and more it's the Riggleman show every Saturday at noon on ninety five point five W. SP Atlanta's news and talk to a bigger host of the home fixes show here with Jeff and Roxanne Eklund from rhino shield I hear on the spots all the time never paint your house again how serious are you about that we are very serious about that we do give a twenty five year transferable warranty that's in writing you never have to bank your house again unless you want to change the color how long does it take to do an average size house have a rhino shielded usually are going to be at your house for anywhere from say three to five six days depending upon the size of the house what is so great about rhino shield it'll last twenty five years well the technical term is it's a urethane elastomeric ceramic coating so it is designed totally different than traditional paint and it's guaranteed to last twenty five years if I live in my house for twelve years it'll be a.

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